Ranked: The most complained about Love Island moments to Ofcom ever

Hundreds have complained about Molly Marsh’s return


Every night when Love Island is on you’ll see memes about people reacting to the drama saying they’re getting straight on the phone to Ofcom. Someone disrespecting one of our girls? Ring ring Ofcom, it’s me again. But each year the watchdog has actually received loads of legitimate complaints, with some of the top complained about Love Island moments getting thousands of angry reactions.

There have been some very memorable moments from recent seasons that people have complained about, and already this year’s show has had a few entries into the list. So, here are the most complained about Love Island moments ever, ranked.

12. The Casa Amor 2019 fallout – 314 complaints

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The drama surrounding Casa Amor 2019 saw shocking moments between Amy and Curtis, and Amber and Michael. Both girls were left single as Curtis and Michael tried to pursue other relationships in Casa Amor and with Amy in tears, fans were concerned over their welfare and behaviour.

11. Molly Marsh returning for Casa Amor in 2023 – 372 complaints

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A huge twist for Love Island 2023 saw dumped Islander Molly Marsh return for Casa Amor. She had previously been sent packing when season two bombshell Kady returned, picked Zach, and left Molly single. Loads of people called out Molly for being able to get dumped, go on Aftersun, see her family and catch up on the show, and then come back. The producers were accused of favouritism, and Ofcom received 372 complaints.

An Ofcom spokesman said: “Complaints related to contestant Molly Marsh being reintroduced to Casa Amor having been eliminated from the programme the previous week.”

10. Misogynistic behaviour and bullying from male contestants in 2022 – 413 complaints

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413 complaints were made the day after movie night in 2022, on the night Islanders spoke about what had happened in the challenge, and took part in the snog, marry, pie game. A spokesperson for Ofcom confirmed these were for “alleged bullying and misogynistic behaviour from some of the male contestants.”

9. An episode of Aftersun in 2022 – 427 complaints

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Usually it’s just the main show that gets complained about, but in 2022 Aftersun had hundreds of complaints too. The majority of this episode of Aftersun’s complaints were related to “comments made about Ekin-Su, and the treatment of Jacques during his interview.” Host Laura Whitmore was accused of “slut shaming” when speaking about Ekin-Su and Casa Amor Islander George on the show, and viewers were concerned for Jacques’ well-being when he was interviewed about leaving the villa.

8. A fake news headline about Paige and Finn in 2020 – 544 complaints

A ranking of Love Island most complained about moments to Ofcom of all time

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The most controversial moment of the first ever winter series came in the headlines challenge. A headline was shown to the Islanders, which reported that Finn’s head had been turned in Casa Amor, and caused concern for Paige as he vowed he stayed faithful to her. Fans argued that it was misleading of the show to use this headline.

7. Georgia and Jack’s kiss in 2018 – 655 complaints

A ranking of Love Island most complained about moments to Ofcom of all time

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Ah the notorious, did they or didn’t they kiss of 2018. While the kiss was hotly contested on the show as to who initiated it, Laura shouted at Georgia: “My best mate has gone behind my back and tried to snog the guy I’m coupled up with.” Viewers complained about the lies and it not being clarified to Laura what had actually happened (Georgia definitely kissed Jack, ICYMI).

6. Maura trying it on with Tommy in 2019 – 709 complaints

A ranking of Love Island most complained about moments to Ofcom of all time

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Viewers didn’t take too well to Maura straddling Tommy Fury in 2019 with some calling it “sexual harassment”. Sitting on top of him, Maura attempts to go in for a kiss, only for Tommy to turn away.

5. Joe’s behaviour towards Lucie in 2019 – exact number unknown

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In 2019 viewers were shocked with how Joe was with Lucie, calling his behaviour “controlling”, notably when he said he was worried she wasn’t spending enough time with the other female Islanders. The moment, which even sparked Women’s Aid chief executive, Adina Claire to speak out about the “controlling behaviour” witnessed, reportedly triggered over 500 complaints alone, with more complaints also made for Lucie’s welfare. These issues combined awarded this moment a high up place on the list.

4. Movie night in 2022 – 2,481 complaints

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Movie night was the most complained about day of Love Island 2022, with over 2,000 people getting in touch with Ofcom following it. The episode saw the Islanders sit back and watch their own antics back, and the boys were called out for misogynistic and sexist behaviour.

The main episode of Love Island received 2,481 Ofcom complaints, which were related to “alleged misogynistic behaviour by some of the male contestants”. During the episode, Luca accused Gemma of flirting with Billy, despite her telling him they were just friends. Luca said he was “fuming” with Gemma, and that she had made him look like a mug. Davide called Ekin-Su a “liar” during a heated argument, and Dami branded Summer “fake”.

The behaviour of some of the boys was so bad, two women’s charities have released statements. Women’s Aid said it was in discussions with ITV over the behaviour of the men and said producers should step in when they recognise controlling behaviour.

3. Dani Dyer being reduced to tears over Casa Amor 2018 – 2,525 complaints

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In 2018, Ofcom received over 2,500 complaints after Dani Dyer was brought to tears because she thought Jack Fincham was going to cheat on her with his ex in Casa Amor. People claimed the producers allowed her to believe Jack was going to cheat on her to stir up drama and upset her, despite him actually doing nothing wrong and sticking by her. This was previously the most complained about Love Island moment ever, and one of the most complained about TV moments of all time. 

2. Faye being mislead over Teddy’s Casa Amor behaviour in 2021 – 5,000 complaints

A ranking of Love Island most complained about moments to Ofcom of all time

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In 2021, Love Island had a new record in the most complained about moments list. Firstly, Ofcom received 5,000 complaints because of how Faye was mislead over Teddy in Casa Amor. The main villa was sent a postcard, on which was a picture of Teddy kissing another girl. The picture was taken during a challenge, but Faye saw it and decided she wanted to find someone else and cracked on with Sam.

4,330 of those complaints were from people who said the postcard was “misleading and caused unnecessary distress”. More than 600 complaints were also made two days later, after the recoupling episode, as Teddy was left single.

1. Faye’s outburst at Teddy in 2021 – 25,000 complaints

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But the Love Island moment with the most Ofcom complaints, far far out ahead, was when Faye screamed at Teddy when he returned from Casa Amor and the villa watched the clips back. Ofcom confirmed it had received 24,763 complaints. In the episode, Faye was seen shouting and swearing at Teddy after she saw a clip of him telling Clarisse he was sexually attracted to her. Following the scene many people on Twitter said it was uncomfortable to watch and questioned if Faye should be in the villa. A men’s domestic abuse charity released a statement calling her behaviour “unacceptable”.

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