A brief history of Love Island producers bringing back dumped Islanders for maximum drama

This tactic has been used plenty of times before Molly Marsh

Dumped Islander Molly Marsh has just come back into the Love Island 2023 villa as part of the Casa Amor lineup. It was rumoured ever since her shock exit, but up until the point she was officially announced as part of the six new girl lineup, nobody quite believed it could happen.

But, despite us all being shook to our very cores, this isn’t the first time Love Island producers have taken a dumped Islander and chucked them back in the villa all in the name of drama. It’s actually happened a fair few times now – here’s a rundown of when, and what went down.

Malin Andersson, season two

Season two had some of the best drama in the show’s history, which was probably why bombshell Kady was invited back on the show. One of the most iconic moments included when Malin, who had previously been coupled up with Terry, was brought back to confront him over his antics.

Terry and Malin had gone official in the villa, so naturally, when she was dumped she was expecting to wait for him on the outside, and they’d carry on as normal. Buuuut: Enter bombshell Emma Woodhams. Terry straight away cracked on with Emma, and even slept with her on top of the bed sheets for everyone to see.

Malin came back to address it all, straight up called him out for cheating, and when Terry tried to dramatically walk away, he stole her sunglasses off the table. Incredible.

Mike Thalassitis and Sam Gowland, season three

Love Island 2017 brought back dumped Islanders Sam and Mike

via ITV

During Love Island 2017, the Islanders gathered around the firepit and received a text to tell them two new boys were about to enter the villa. What they didn’t know was the public had just been given the choice to either have two new boys enter the villa, or send back in two previously dumped Islanders.

Of course, the Love Island chaos loving public chose to send dumped Islanders Mike Thalassitis and Sam Gowland back in. Olivia Attwood was the most shook, having had a connection with both Mike and Chris who she was then coupled up with in the villa. “Absolutely fucking speechless,” she said as Mike and Sam literally ran back into the villa.

Lillie Haynes, season seven

The big Casa drama in the 2021 series was Liam cracking on with Lillie, and then coming back to Millie as though nothing had ever happened. For a brief amount of time, he thought he’d gotten away with it, but then Lillie was asked if she’d had a connection with anyone, during the Casa recoupling.

From then on, Millie knew Liam hadn’t stayed loyal throughout the week away, and to add even more drama, Lillie was invited back and sent on a gals’ date with Millie, to chat all about what really went down when Millie wasn’t there.

“As soon as I got there we could sense a strong connection,” Lillie told her. “It was 100 per cent reciprocated. If anything, he was pushing it more.” Lillie told Millie she and Liam slept in the same bed, cuddled and did “things in the bed.” The conversation left Millie in tears.

Molly Marsh, season 10

Love Island 2023 dumped Islander Molly Marsh is back for Casa Amor

via ITV

Obviously the most recent example of this happening is right now, as Molly Marsh is part of Casa Amor 2023. Molly was dumped when season two bombshell Kady McDermott made a shock return to the villa, coupled up with Zach and left Molly single.

Molly had been one of the biggest characters in the villa up to then, so people instantly questioned if she was going to be brought back. There were rumours all over the place, and ITV and Molly herself dropped some very subtle hints her dumping wasn’t everything it looked like on the face of it.

Now we’ll just have to see how her shock return plays out.

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