A rundown of every single piece of evidence Molly Marsh is returning for Casa Amor

Love Island is TEASING us

Since she was dumped from Love Island, everyone has been losing their minds over the idea Molly Marsh could be coming back for Casa Amor. If she does, it truly would be wild.

There have been a number of hints that Molly could be making a comeback, from her literally being in Spain right now, to people close to the show speculating. If she did come back, we could expect a fiery reunion with Zach, and an awkward run-in with Kady, who he’s been cracking on with.

Here’s a rundown of every piece of evidence there’s been that Molly Marsh *could* be heading back to the villa for Casa Amor.

The Love Island Instagram didn’t shade her icon out for ages

Love Island fans think Molly Marsh is back for Casa Amor

via Instagram

Let’s kick off with the very first big hint people noticed. If you head over to Love Island’s official Instagram account, it has highlights for each Islander this series. The dumped Islanders have had their pictures shaded over, but Molly’s wasn’t for ages.

People said this was the most subtle hint that Molly had not actually been dumped from Love Island, and will be back later on. But, she’s since been shaded out, so this one was probably just a red herring.

Those close to the show have been speculating her comeback

Love Island fans think Molly Marsh is back for Casa Amor

via Instagram

Those in the know are also speculating about Molly’s return. Winter Islander Olivia Hawkins said “I really don’t think this is the last we have seen of Molly on this year’s show” and added she has a “feeling” Molly will be back for Casa. “Which will be very awkward if Zachariah pursues anything romantic with Kady,” she said.

Plus, Sam Thompson, who is a co-host on the Love Island podcast so very in know, shared on his Instagram story that he thinks Molly will be back for Casa Amor. “I reckon Molly’s back for Casa Amor after Zach has got with Kady,” he theorised.

They even spoke about the rumours further, on the official Love Island podcast. Sam Thompson was joined by former Islander Kaz Kamwi and Nadia Jae, and they thought Molly could be making a return.

“I honestly think Molly is going to go to Casa Amor to be head girl, twerk her way in through her entrance, have all the boys at her yard because her milkshake brings them there,” said Nadia, and added: “And then she’s going to come back and it’s going to be Kady’s house vs. Molly’s house – the showdown.”

“This twist is my favourite thing,” said Kaz, before Nadia added: “Molly [is] in her villain era.”

She did a huge segment with Aftersun, which no other Islanders have done

Viewers of the show have pointed out Molly was asked to create a “debrief video” for a segment on Aftersun when she was dumped, which no other dumped Islanders did. The video followed her journey to the airport, and her discussing her time on the show.

After the clip was posted on Instagram, people were quick to point out this seems to be a lot of effort for an Islander who is heading home.

“Nobody interviews like this when they leave – she never left,” one person said. “Yeah, never this kind of interview before when someone’s left the villa. 100 per cent she’s coming back!” said another. A third person agreed: “This tees up Molly coming back in a few weeks perfectly. Would bet my house on it.”

She’s now conveniently in Spain, just as the Casa Amor start date has been announced

Love Island fans think Molly Marsh is back for Casa Amor

via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

Since she left the villa, Molly has been keeping us fed, posting everything she’s been up to. The start date for Casa Amor has just been confirmed, and what’s more, Molly has flown back out to Spain. Since this news broke, Molly’s been posting in Ibiza, making people think she could be having a quick pitstop before heading back to the villa.

I need it to be true!

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