Love Island Molly Marsh favouritism

Inside the blatant favouritism of Molly Marsh on Love Island 2023

Nobody asked for this

We need to talk about Molly Marsh. I mean, we already have been for about a month because ever since the promos dropped she’s been the name on everyone’s lips, but with the Love Island events of this past weekend we need to talk about her some more. With the unprecedented decision from producers to bring Molly Marsh back for Casa Amor causing shockwaves inside the villa and on social media, the allegations of favouritism have never felt more resonant. But how did we get here? Has Molly Marsh been set on a course to have Love Island success against all odds from before she even entered the villa? Let’s take a deep dive inside the favouritism of Molly Marsh on Love Island 2023.

Influencer life before the show

Via Molly Marsh on Instagram

Before Love Island 2023 was even a blip on the radar, Molly Marsh had been in the villa. Thanks to a close friendship with big influencers like Anastasia Kingsnorth, Molly posted pictures on socials of her in the villa last year. This alongside the fact she had 700k TikTok followers before the show, starred in pantomimes and Twist & Pulse music videos and even interviewed Olivia Attwood FOR ITV?! The whole thing from the off feels like ITV’s investment in Molly Marsh went above and beyond the investment the channel would have in any old Islander.

The screentime

For the first few weeks, it felt like the villa cameras never left Molly Marsh’s side. We barely got a glimpse at other Islanders as all we had to watch was Molly dither between Mitch and Zach. It was suitably draining. We barely saw Ruchee and then she got dumped.

The Casa return

When Kady McDermott chose to couple up with Zachariah, Molly Marsh found herself instantly dumped from the villa. Instantly, Love Island viewers thought this seemed fishy and that the show wouldn’t let Molly go that easily when they’ve main charactered her from day dot. The rumours quelled when Molly Marsh was at the airport and landed back in the UK. All was well and all was fair.

But nope. She flew back to the villa and strolled in as part of Casa Amor. And here’s where the issue lies: Molly has been able to go home, get her phone back, see her family, friends and other loved ones and catch up on every episode as well as watch all the new ones and see exactly what Zachariah and everyone else has been doing. She’s been able to see who the public like, see what kind of vibes viewers are reacting well to on social media. She can storm back into that villa with knowledge no one else has in order to get as far as possible.

No other dumped Islander in the history of Love Island has ever been given the opportunity producers have given Molly Marsh – how can people not cry favouritism?

The show’s commitment to Molly has had a negative impact on the rest of Casa too. We all know already it’s hard for people to stand out at Casa Amor and it’s going to be even harder with the focus on this saga.

During Winter Love Island, everyone wanted Zara back after her early exit because she was a big character Islander that made great TV. No such luck. Molly Marsh isn’t even particularly well liked and yet got a one way ticket back in the villa.

The privilege of Molly Marsh on Love Island is nothing short of favouritism. No viewers voted, no polls were made – just a producer decision that no other Islander has the luxury to receive.  Justice for Ruchee, I say!

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