Take this quiz to see which nice guy from Love Island you would be with

Which classic Love Island nice guy would you be with? Take this quiz to find out

I’ll take Dr Alex, please


Every year, Love Island gives us a nice guy. He usually has a wholesome job like a teacher, a doctor or a pen salesman. He would never break your heart. Your parents will love him and his dad bod means you’ll never feel self conscious ever again. But the girls never, ever go for him. Nice guys finish last, and all. But the viewers are different, we sit at home and question just how they are all sleeping on someone who can give them the love they should have been on this show looking for. So this quiz is going to tell you, if you had the pick of every nice guy Love Island has ever given us, which one you would end up with.

Maybe you want a classic, smart and wholesome Dr Alex, or a little bit of a geeky, can’t get his words out but boy he loves you Hugo Hammond. Perhaps you want your nice guy to still be something to look at like hunky model Jamie Jewitt? Or you want a nice guy with good chat and banter like Ovie, Chris Taylor or Jack Fincham? Or you want your own Tommy Fury, the cutest of them all and someone who will simp for you for all of eternity. You can only have one, so find out who here.

Take this quiz to see which Love Island nice guy you would end up with:

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