Meet the parents of this year’s Love Island contestants

Millie’s dad is an absolute gem

Normally, around about the last week of Love Island, there’s a laughter-filled episode where the parents of the Islanders set foot in the villa and surprise the unwitting contestants. But this year, it’s unclear whether we’ll actually get to meet the parents, as social distancing measures could still be in place.

It’s possible Love Island will do some video chat equivalent of the parents episode, but if they don’t, fear not. Here’s a rundown of the parents of the Love Island contestants:

Millie Court’s dad: Rob

Rob Court is an absolute icon who has constantly shown support for his daughter throughout her rollercoaster ride in the villa.

After the nation watched Liam upset Millie during Casa Amor, Rob wrote on Instagram: “I wanted to dive into the TV tonight and just cuddle my girl real tight. #itwillbeokdarling.”

Millie’s wholesome father is a glassblower who has been making neon glass artworks since 1987. You can check out more of his artworks here.

Kaz Kamwi’s Mum


Kaz’s mum and Kza’s sister Banji on After Sun

Kaz says her mum is her “best friend” and that she even helped her with her Love Island application.

When Kaz’s mum appeared on After Sun last month, she revealed to viewers just how proud she was of her daughter, saying that what you see is her “genuine” self.

And it turns out Kaz’s mum is a key feature of her daughter’s TikTok as well.

Jake Cornish’s parents: Mark and Rachel

Jake’s pretty close to his parents, regularly posting snaps with them on Instagram.

Rachel told Bristol Live that Jake’s new girlfriend Liberty Poole is “just Jake’s type” adding that she’s “lovely and funny.”


@jakecornish7 and his mother Rachel

Jake’s father Mark has also been keen to comment on his son’s time on the show. He defended Jake after he farted in front of Liberty last week, saying: “That is what he does. What he said afterwards with ‘you can chew on that’ is exactly him.

@jakecornish7 and dad Mark

“When the family watched it, they said ‘that’s typical Cornish Family sense of humour.'”

Liberty Poole’s mum: Jo

Liberty Poole’s Mum has also expressed support for her daughter online as the show has gone on. Jo Poole posted one pic of Liberty and Jake, captioned: “Beautiful.”

In another post about Liberty’s speech when she said she didn’t feel good looking enough, Jo wrote: “Kind soul inside & out.”

Hugo Hammond’s dad: Simon

@hugo_hammond_ and dad Simon

Hugo’s dad has stayed out the limelight while his son’s been on Love Island.

But he’s been quick to praise his son’s resilience, especially given the fact Hugo was born with a club foot and still managed to carve out a sporting career. Simon told The Cricketer: “Nothing phased him. He was a guy who had a certain amount of limitation, but you wouldn’t think it. He went head-first into many things.”

Liam Reardon’s mum: Donna

Liam’s mum hasn’t commented on her son’s Love Island stint as yet, but it’s clear the pair are close as Liam’s always posting snaps with her on Insta.

Toby Aromolaran’s mum: Victoria


Victoria with Toby’s sister Shauna on After Sun

Toby’s mum Victoria and sister Shauna appeared on After Sun a few weeks ago to have a chat about Toby’s time in the villa.

Laura Whitmore asked how it was watching Toby on TV and Victoria said: “For the first two weeks it was beautiful. It was slow and it was easy.”

She then went on to say: “Now I’m seeing Toby come out. He’s the fun Toby. For the first two weeks he was under the cover, under the radar. Now we’ll see the laughs come out. I want to see that boy.”

Faye Winter’s parents

While Faye’s parents have kept a relatively low profile as the show has gone on, they broke their silence following Faye’s row with Teddy the other day.

Faye’s parents put a story out on her Instagram which read: “While we don’t want to comment on the events of the show, we ask everyone to remember: You are watching a highly edited TV show which is created for entertainment – you can never see the full picture.

“Faye is human. She may not always get things right. There are human beings managing the Islander’s social media pages who will be seriously affected by your comments.”

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Featured Image: Credit: Via Instagram @jopoolex

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