An ode to Rob Court, Millie’s dad and easily the most iconic Love Island parent ever

Danny Dyer who?

Over the years the parents of Love Islanders have played small but significant roles in the show. Danny Dyer’s presence hung over the villa for the entirety of season four and of course who could forget Anton’s mum who regularly waxes his bum for him? But now the time has come for a new, truly iconic Love Island parent, Millie’s dad – Rob Court.

The last few days of Love Island have been painful for everyone to watch but none more so than Millie’s dad who almost broke the internet with his perfect fatherly response to Millie’s heartbreak over Liam. Posting on Instagram Rob said he wanted to go into Love Island and give Millie the biggest hug. Me too Rob, me too.

If the post wasn’t enough to convince you he’s the greatest Love Island parent going, then all these reasons will do:

He’s the most supportive dad

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The world was properly introduced to Millie’s dad when he made an Instagram post over the weekend showing his love and support for Millie over the way Liam treated her during and after Casa Amor.

Four days ago he wrote: “I wanted to dive into the TV tonight and just cuddle My Girl real tight. #itwillbeokdarling.

“Mils will shed her tears and it is difficult for me to helplessly watch. But I know deep down nothing will diminish her beautiful smile long term, she is too much of a ‘Happy Soul’.

“Millie has a large loving family and a fab group of friends behind her for support. We are all so proud of her. XX”

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Since the beginning of her time on Love Island Rob has been sharing supportive messages about Millie, particularly to do with her fashion career.

In one post where I Saw It First shared Millie’s dress, Rob wrote: “I knew all the young girls would like Millie’s style. She’s becoming a right little trend-setter. Go Mils!” My heart 🥺.

He’s supportive of other Islanders too

Despite no one being happy with Liam right now, Rob has shared messages on Instagram encouraging everyone to be kind and to remember all the Islanders’ families will be watching the show.

He’s also shared some cute pictures of Millie with the other Islanders.

He’s a typical dad on Instagram

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Of course Rob, like any parent, has made some classic Instagram pictures and jokes. There’s been various moments over the last few weeks where Rob has created some Instagram posts you could definitely see your own parent making.

Such as his collage to celebrate Millie reaching 500,000 followers on Instagram or the picture he posted with Liam and Millie in a faded background with neon hearts over them.

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Rob is such a typical dad as well with the way he talks using the words “wowza”, “blimey” and “gets the thumbs up from the old man”.

And when Liam and Millie were ever getting frisky or visiting the hideaway Rob would talk about making a cup of tea or Pot Noodle. You just know that’s how your dad would write on Instagram if he had an account.

He’s an artist

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Ok so if he wasn’t a pretty cool dad already, Rob is also an artist. He’s a neon artist who has been creating pieces since 1987 by glassblowing neon lights.

He creates screen prints, framed prints and has worked on film and TV sets designing pieces. Even ex Love Islander Megan Barton Hanson is a fan after she posed underneath one of his art works.

He praises the fans for their support

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Like any good artist Rob knows to shout out emerging talent and has been sharing fans’ art work of Millie on Instagram and Twitter.

Rob recently reposted a pencil study of Millie that looks incredibly accurate. He likes every comment on his Instagram and I would honestly like to be adopted into the Court family.

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