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‘She’s not looking for love’: Everything the dumped Islanders have said since leaving

‘Hugo has had feelings for Chloe since day one’

Love Island has been brutal with the dumpings this year. Hardly a day goes by without someone else leaving the villa, only for a new bombshell to make their appearance. And since the 2021 Love Islanders have been dumped they’ve gone onto say a LOT about their time on the show. They’ve spilled production secrets, reflected back on key moments and shared their opinions on the current ongoings of the villa.

Since the show started earlier this month 10 Islanders have been dumped including Shannon Singh and Brad McClelland who were part of the original lineup.

No one has held back with their opinions and this is everything the Love Island 2021 dumped Islanders have to say about the show:


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Shannon was the first Islander to be dumped from the villa, a whole savage 48 hours after she entered it on day one. Since then she’s been busy giving interviews about her time on the show.

In the first few episodes Shannon didn’t find any of the boys in the villa fit and that’s since continued with the new boys.

She told The Sun: “I think for me it’s for the best that I am out because none of the guys are a bit of me. I was just hoping that somebody would come in and by the looks of it, none of them are my type.

“I thought Liam was fit, but he’s a bit boring. Teddy isn’t my type and Danny isn’t my type – not a chance. It was a blessing in disguise I think.”

Speaking of Danny, Shannon addressed his use of a racist slur on an old Instagram post he has since apologised for. She told The Daily Star she agreed with a tweet about him being allowed to stay in after.

She said: “The interesting thing is that there is a tweet that went viral that said, ‘The producers really kicked Shannon out in less than 24 hours for entertainment but can’t kick out the man who used a racist slur, ok’ and I think they have a point.”

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Despite only being in the villa a few days Shannon is not a fan of either Toby or Chloe. In a Facebook Live Shannon said she wouldn’t be friends with Chloe and believes she “isn’t looking for love” and is actually “playing the game”.

Shannon also expressed her concerns over Toby saying he is “bad-tempered” after she shared two incidents with him.

She told The Sun: “Funnily enough, I actually called him on the first day – you know, we’re still getting to know everyone – I accidentally called him Hugo instead of Toby and he was fuming – [he] didn’t let it go all day.”

Shannon claimed when Toby went in for the kiss on the challenge and she swerved him he apparently wouldn’t let it go all day.


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Chuggs was the second Islander to leave the show and made it into the hall of fame of shortest Love Island appearances ever. He’s done a few interviews since leaving and has mainly addressed the rumour he already knew Lucinda thanks to matching on Tinder.

Speaking to OK! Online Chuggs said he remembered matching with her and speaking about owning a business. He said: “Yeah. I do remember matching with Lucinda. I recognised her face when I saw her and then when it said something about her clothing brand I was like oh yeah definitely.

“I remember speaking to her about it and I find it so cool when someone’s got their own business.”

He’s clearly still got a thing for Lucinda as he said he liked the look of Lucinda and Millie and would have tried to couple up with Lucinda.

Chuggs said: “If I was back in there, I think they put Lucinda in there, obviously for her own rights, but also definitely because the producers would’ve seen us matching and getting on.

“So yeah I would’ve gone for Lucinda. Millie looks great too, she seems like a really nice girl, but I rate Liam so I wouldn’t have gone there.”


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Rachel was only in the villa a short time but made quite an impression on us all thanks to her entrance walk and excessive crying. She addressed her crying during an Instagram question and answer and said she only cried over Brad once.

She said: “I feel like I’m saying the obvious here but you know this is a show that is filmed 24 hours a day and only certain parts are only put in.

“I did more than just cry on that show and when I cried, believe me, it wasn’t just over Brad. I think I only cried over Brad once, it’s very intense in there.”

Rachel has also addressed the more serious issue of the lack of interest in Black women by the men on Love Island. Within the same Instagram question and answer she was asked by one follower “Do you feel like any of the guys have a genuine attraction to Black girls?”.

Rachel replied saying she didn’t think any of the boys in the villa currently did and went onto say Love Island is not a show for Black women.

She said: “To be honest is anyone surprised. These love island commercial shows are not for Black women! They ain’t for Black people full stop. But sha the fight the continues. But big up independent platforms, Black owned creating content we can relate to.”

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When asked by The Sun on her thoughts about Casa Amor Rachel said she despite being Team Toby she still thinks his head will turn.

She said: I was team Toby from the beginning to be honest because like he said he’s growing he is learning and that is good for him, but at the same time that growth of that learning hasn’t stopped.

“Abigail is not going to be where he stops. Casa Amor is coming there could be the perfect girl in there for him. Listen, he settled with Kaz, Chloe grafted him, ran there, Abigail 45 minutes in the villa shows him interest, he runs there. All it takes is a look in that direction. And he’ll go to it.”


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Since leaving the villa Brad has also shared his thoughts on what he thinks will go down in Casa Amor. In a tweet on Monday he wrote: “Which of the boys are going to turn? Personally I don’t think Jake or Liam will turn but I’m unsure about the others.” I sure hope you’re right about Liam.

Brad has also naturally been asked a LOT about the Aaron and Lucinda situation. He said Love Island didn’t show that when Lucinda first came in Aaron showed a lot of interest in her.

In an interview with Heat Brad said: “Something people at home didn’t get to see is when Lucinda first came in, Aaron was already interested.So there was me and Aaron at the time, she’s looking: ‘There’s Brad, there’s Aaron – what am I feeling more towards?’


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Aside from her appearance on Love Island: After Sun AJ hasn’t spoken out much about her time on the show. However she did take to Instagram to discuss her reaction to Casa Amor.

She said: “I just wanted to put a quick video up on my reaction from last night’s episode. What the fuck?!

“So obviously I put my predictions up last night… Scrap that! At this point I think all the boys heads are going to be turned. Wow.”


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I think it’s safe to say everyone was very happy to see Danny dumped from the Island. He’s since addressed his use of a racist slur on an old Instagram post and apologised profuesly for using it.

He’s gone onto hit back at the show claiming things were edited unfairly. Speaking on Instagram he said: “I’ve just been watching the show, right. And listen guys just take it all with a pinch of salt. That’s all I’m saying because a lot of it is edited to make you be someone you’re not, all right?

“For instance, the part where I told Lucinda: ‘Why would I make you a coffee?’ That was in a little joke because I was making her a coffee.

“I said: ‘Why wouldn’t I because we’re mates?’ And the fact is I actually made the coffee for Lucinda and gave it to Aaron and said: ‘Here bro, here’s Lucinda’s coffee. Give her that, that’ll get you in her good books.’ Honestly, enjoy the show – but remember it’s a show. ”

ITV clarified to The Sun they always intend to produce a “fair” and “accurate” show following Danny’s comments.


love island 2021 dumped islanders

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Sharon was in the villa from day one but sadly was mainly just friend zoned the entire time. Her earliest friend zoning occurred with Aaron who wasn’t impressed with her career goals.

Speaking to Digital Spy Sharon said she didn’t appreciate his comments, she said: “I was really surprised by Aaron’s attitudes towards my career. When he described his type to Kaz and I, it was very much independent, strong woman which I completely identify as.

“I was completely blindsided by the career comments and I didn’t really appreciate it.”

Another Islander Sharon ended up getting friend zoned by was Hugo who Sharon said has had ” feelings for Chloe since day one”. On her Instagram Story she went onto discuss Hugo’s speech for Chloe and said it annoyed her as she claims he “enabled Chloe and Toby”.

She said: “One thing I don’t like about Hugo’s speech is that Hugo openly admitted to me that he enabled Chloe and Toby to crack on. And obviously, me being [friends] with Kaz, didn’t appreciate it at all because it was behind Kaz’s back.”

“But what goes around comes around. If a guy is willing to do that to another girl to get with you, he’ll do that to you to get with another girl.”

love island 2021 dumped islanders

via ITV

As Casa Amor came around Sharon was asked her opinions by The Mirror on who would stay loyal.

She said: “I think Lib is going to stay loyal, but Jake’s head could be turned. I could be proved wrong and I want to be proved wrong.

“Teddy’s put a lot of effort in, not just with Faye but also her friends. They have a strong bond. I think Faye found what she is looking for in Teddy.”

Now that is cute.


love island 2021 dumped islanders

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Georgia is one the latest Islanders to be dumped from the 2021 Love Island villa. She was in there less than 48 hours and in that time was compared to a Wetherspoons plate for her bikini choices and friend zoned by Hugo. And Georgia apparently always knew she would be booted out early.

In an exclusive interview with Tyla she said: “I knew by the time we lined up at the fire pit. As soon as the text came in and it was the boys picking I knew I wasn’t going to be selected, I knew Hugo was going to save Chloe because they had a really good friendship and for him to progress it she had to be in there. That’s why I mouthed to Chloe ‘you’ll be fine poppet’.”

She also went onto suggest she believes Hugo has “unrequited feelings for Chloe”. God Hugo really can’t catch a break.

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