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So what do the Love Island NVQ and football sex codes actually mean?

I’m gonna need a translator at this rate

Every year on Love Island there’s a sex code the Islanders use to describe the sexual acts they do under the covers and this year has provided not one but two different sex codes used by the 2021 Love Island cast.

Last year’s code featured breakfast foods to describe different acts – tomato meant touching boobs, avocado meant oral and toast was going all the way.

And now this year’s Islanders are using football terminology and education levels to reference exactly what they’ve been doing with their partner. Unsurprisingly the football terminology was created by Toby who plays football outside the villa for Hashtag United FC. And it was Faye who coined the terms for the girls’ sex code.

So what does each term mean for the Love Island 2021 sex codes?

NVQ levels

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The girls basically spelled out what each phrase means for the NVQ levels. An NVQ level in the real world is a National Vocational Qualification which has five levels to it.

In Love Island however it means something different. In a clip shown Faye explained exactly what each level means:

Entry Level NVQ – A snog

NVQ1 – Sexual act using hands

NVQ2 – Oral

NVQ3 – Full on sex

Liberty went onto explain she is at NVQ1 level and Jake is at NVQ2 level.


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The girls’ sex code is pretty straight forward but things are little more unclear when it comes to the boys’ code which features a variety of football terms as created by Toby:

1 – 0 – An act performed on one person

Handball – Sexual act using hands

Header – Oral

Streaker on the pitch – Full on nudity

Is it too tricky just to say sex?

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