‘He’s a genuine guy’: Everything the ex Islanders have said about this year’s contestants

Including who they think will win


Easily one of the best parts of Love Island is the Twitter commentary with everyone sharing memes and their opinions on the Islanders. And it’s not just us posting our thoughts but plenty of ex Love Islanders are getting involved in the action too.

Islanders such as Amy Hart, Olivia Attwood and Amber Gill have shared their unfiltered thoughts on this year’s Islanders. And they haven’t held back. Olivia Attwood has called Aaron shallow and really weird, and Anna Vakili has gone in on Toby calling him a “fuckboy”.

A number of Love Islander winners are also getting involved in the conversation. Paige and Finn predicted their winner for this season and Amber Gill said she’d couple up with Brad.

This is everything ex-Islanders have said about this year’s cast:

Amber Gill

via Instagram @amberrosegill

Amber Gill never holds back on Twitter and has taken it upon herself to tweet along to every episode of Love Island sharing her very honest thoughts, and it truly makes Love Island more enjoyable seeing her commentary.

During the early episodes she called Shannon and Kaz “so fit” and said Liberty was a “catch”. Amber is a big fan of Liberty, she’s frequently been tweeting her support and getting annoyed at Jake.

Following Jake and Liberty’s date, Amber tweeted: “I hate how Jake just says Liberty is his type… What about the fact she’s like a gorgeous human being AS IN absolute sweetheart”

Like most of us Amber was pretty pissed off when Shannon was dumped from the villa. She tweeted: “Why is Shannon gone I hate this”. Following one of the dumping Amber said she didn’t want Faye or Rachel to leave.

Whilst she’s a big fan of the girls, she really isn’t vibing with any of the boys. During a radio interview Amber was asked which boy she would couple up with.

Amber said she would pick Brad, however she also revealed her friend had been chatting to him, so that would be a bit weird for her.

She said: “I’m not really into any of the boys at the minute. I wanna say Brad, he is beautiful and apparently he’s a sweetheart according to my friend.”

Amy Hart

via Instagram @amyhartxo

Like Amber, Amy is a big fan of tweeting along to the show. During the first episode she said she loved Faye and two days later was calling for Jake and Liberty to win.

However she quickly changed her tune when a few days later she tweeted she wanted to pull Liberty for a chat. Liberty had been expressing her feelings for Jake whilst Jake had been telling the boys he wasn’t that into her. Having experienced a similar situation herself with Curtis in her season Amy suggested she was the best person to talk to Liberty. Amber quickly retweeted her to confirm this probably wasn’t the best idea.

Amy has also said she finds Rachel beautiful and thought Shannon’s dumping was savage. Didn’t we all.

After a few weeks of the show Amy has predicted Jake and Liberty will win but only if Jake resists temptation at Casa Amor.

She told The Mirror: “I think Jake and Liberty can win. I see them as a sort of Siânnise and Luke T and they could just pip Millie and Liam to the post.

“I think their relationship is getting stronger and stronger and all the time [Jake] can see Liberty his head won’t be turned. I just really hope he can resist temptation at Casa Amor.”

Paige and Finn

via Instagram @finley_tapp

Last year’s winners Paige and Finn have placed their bets for this season’s winner and are really gunning for Hugo to take the crown.

In an interview with Entertainment Daily Paige said: “Hugo is lovely! He’s one of our favourites.”

In another interview Paige also went onto address Jake’s love of feet as she thinks he and Finn last year were brave to mention their fetishes. She said: “Finn did say that he likes feet when he went in too – I think both Jake and Finn are brave to come out on national television to say they like feet.” Seriously what is with the feet obsession?


via Instagram @annavakili

Though Anna has gone back to her day job as a pharmacist during Love Island she’s taken up the position as the official Love Island correspondent for the Daily Star.

In a number of interviews she’s shared her unfiltered thoughts on this year’s contestants. So far she’s called Toby a “major fuckboy”, said Brad is “fucking sexy” and thinks Aaron is “cringe”.

A true girls girl, Anna is not impressed with Jake’s treatment of Liberty and thinks he is messing her around. But it’s not just the boys she’s not be a fan of, Anna has also expressed her dislike of Chloe after she went after Toby in the police challenge.

In her most recent interview Anna said: “Oh 100 per cent! I don’t like the way Chloe did it. That’s not my kind of girl at all. That’s exactly the kind of girl I probably would have kicked off at if I was in the villa.”


via Instagram @zara_mcdermott

Like Finn and Paige, Zara McDermott has thrown her support behind Hugo and wants him to win. Speaking with her boyfriend Sam Thompson on Instagram Zara said she thought the reason Hugo cried during his confrontation with Faye and Sharon was out of fear of being edited badly.

She said: “The reason I think he cried was because he was like I don’t know how the hell this is being seen on the outside. But you can see him thinking like how is this going to be edited? I don’t know how I’m going to look. I would literally cry as well.”

Zara went onto say she wanted to Hugo to win and has been wanting him to find love since day one.

Laura Anderson

via Instagram @lauraanderson1x

Laura Anderson has spoken out a few times since this series of Love Island kicked off sharing her favourites. In an interview with Cosmopolitan Laura said her initial favourite was Faye but it’s now switched to Liberty and Chloe.

She also had a lot to say about the Hugo, Sharon and Faye surgery situation. As someone with plastic surgery herself Laura said she thought the girls were overreacting and defended Hugo.

Speaking on her Instagram story she said: “I think it’s a bit much, the girls going in on poor Hugo about saying he doesn’t like the look of fake girls.

“That’s not a personal attack on them. I think it’s a bit much, they’re taking it a bit far. Poor Hugo. I don’t really think I’d like it if a guy liked the look of a fake girl because that’s basically saying girls don’t look natural and nice as they are.”

Laura has continued to show her support for Hugo with saying he seems like a genuine guy after he stood up for Chloe during the recoupling. On her Instagram story she said: “Honestly to god, congrats to Hugo for sticking up for Chloe. She totally needed that. I was just like this ‘Yes.’ He’s such a genuine guy and I don’t get why some people are being negative towards him.

“I can just imagine what it’s like being there and you can totally tell genuine people. And well done to Chloe. I feel like she handled that really well.”

Olivia Attwood

via Instagram @oliviajade_attwood

If there’s one ex Islander who has no problem sharing exactly how she feels it’s Olivia Attwood. Though she hasn’t commented loads on the show, she did share her views on Aaron.

Writing in her OK! column Olivia shared her thoughts on the controversial episode which featured Aaron and Hugo sharing their turn offs in a girl. During the episode Aaron said he didn’t like girls with hairy arms. Olivia said she found Aaron’s energy weird and didn’t vibe with him.

She said: “In fact, I’m just not really vibing Aaron at all. I’m finding his comments and his energy really weird, and I find it quite strange that a lot of the girls haven’t picked up on them.”

She went onto say she found his comments about hairy arms shallow and thought his feelings towards Sharon regarding her career came across as him being “intimidated” by Sharon.

Olivia also shared her thoughts on Sharon and Faye’s annoyance of Hugo’s comments about fakeness saying Hugo seemed genuinely sorry for what he said.


via Instagram @shaughnaphillips

Shaughna really carried last year’s Love Island, where would we be without her iconic line “congrats hun”? And she’s not holding back her thoughts on this year’s Islanders either.

Shaughna appeared on After Sun this weekend where she shared her opinions on this year’s men. She simply called them all “trash” apart from Teddy who she thinks has similar vibes to Ovie. I’m sorry hun but no one will ever compare to Ovie.

She said: “Teddy is giving me Ovie vibes. He’s cool. He’s calm. All of the originals: trash.”

Whilst she’s not a fan of the boys, she’s into the girls and said she really likes Liberty but isn’t a fan of the couple she’s in.

In an interview with the Daily Star Shaughna said she thinks Millie and Liam will win the show and doesn’t have much confidence in Jake when it comes to Casa Amor.

She said: “Milly and Liam win. They are liked together. I love Liberty but I don’t like Jake. If it’s those in the final I definitely think Liam and Milly will do it.

“I am keeping everything cross from my girl Liberty but Jake is just not filling me with confidence at all. Regardless if he goes off with someone else, she likes him more than he likes her and that’s always a tricky game to play.”

Out of all the boys she said she fancies Liam, Teddy and Tyler the most.


via Instagram @shannonsinghhh

Shannon has only been out of the villa a few weeks and she’s already having her say on this year’s Islanders.

She went on to Twitter yesterday and said she was suspicious of Sharon’s sudden interest in Hugo. In last night’s episode Sharon expressed a little crush on Hugo who she had previously been coupled up with and showed no interest in.

Shannon said: “This all of a sudden Sharon and Hugo is soooooo strange she’s clutching at straws”. Shannon also shared her love for Liberty and Kaz.

During the episode in which Toby dumps Kaz for Chloe, Shannon tweeted suggesting she thinks Toby will come back to Kaz. She said: “So proud of Kaz for not giving Toby a reaction. Let’s see how long it is before he comes running back..”.

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