QUIZ: Stop being childish and guess the iconic Love Island quote just from a screenshot

Amy and Curtis’ break up deserves a BAFTA

It’s safe to say this year’s Love Island cast haven’t brought much to the table yet. There’s not been any real relationships and the producers are dropping more bombshells than we’re having hot dinners during the week. But the one thing they have absolutely failed to bring is iconic quotes.

Let me take you back to Curtis, Amy and Maura. The entirety of season five was in its own era of BAFTA-worthy arguments and quotes. All we can do it hope and pray we will get there this year (my money certainly isn’t on any quotable things coming out of Brad’s mouth).

But in the meantime, whilst we patiently wait for some golden Love Island one-liners from the 2021 cast, test your knowledge of the old seasons. Take this quiz to see if you can guess the iconic Love Island quote from just a screenshot:

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