Quiz: Pack for Love Island and we’ll tell you how long you’ll last in the villa

Your hideaway look says a LOT about you

Packing for Love Island seems like a pretty easy task – throw 10 bikinis and some PrettyLittleThing dresses in a case and you’re good to go. Except it’s actually a bit deeper than that. The fashion choices the girls make can be crucial to their success in the villa. Remember Georgia’s Wetherspoons’ inspired bikini? Yeah she was gone in a few days. Whereas Millie’s multi print dinner dress certified her status as one of our Love Island finalists. Clothes matter.

So how would you pack for Love Island? Are you planning to be in there for the long haul? What sort of matching set are you going to be taking for the hideaway? And are you going to be sleeping in an old T-shirt or a sexy two piece? All these decisions will impact how long you’d last in the Love Island villa.

To find out how well you’d do in Love Island take our quiz, pack a case and reveal your fate:

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