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The Love Island 2021 web: How the contestants knew each other before the show

Chuggs is a well connected man


Every year on Love Island a number of contestants seem to know each other from the outside world. They’ll pretend they don’t recognise each other and then a week later pictures will come out of them starring in the same music video. I’m looking at you Megan Barton Hanson and Alexandra Cane.

Sometimes they have connections to ex Love Islanders from previous series like last year when Rebecca Gormley knew Amber Gill or in the 2019 series when Lucie and Arabella knew each other because they’d both been texting the same boy. Awks. And this year there’s a number of connections between the Islanders.

A pair of Islanders went to uni together, another matched on Tinder and one pair could have met on holiday. These are all the connections between the Islanders before they went on the show:

Hugo and Chuggs

via ITV

Before Chuggs even entered the villa Hugo declared he knew him when the girls got a text inviting them to a date with Chuggs. Hugo and Chuggs went to Oxford Brookes uni together and on his first night Chuggs shared with the group Hugo’s love of blue drinks.

During his exit interview Chuggs said he and Hugo were part of the same extended friendship group. He said: “He was cricket, I was rugby. We’ve got a lot of mutual mates. Hugo loves a night out.”

Though Chuggs claimed they were mates, a source told The Sun the two once competed for the same girl.

They said: “Hugo and Chuggs knew each other through sport at uni – I think they were both interested in the same girl and went head to head on trying to date her.”

Chloe and Chuggs

At the same time Hugo shouted that he knew Chuggs, so did Chloe. They never went into detail on Love Island about where they knew each other from.

Chloe is from Oxford and Chuggs went to uni there so it’s likely they met on a night out.

Chuggs and Lucinda

God Chuggs practically knew half of the Islanders before going into the villa. Chuggs and Lucinda never crossed paths in the villa, but that’s ok as they’d already matched on Tinder previously.

Lucinda mentioned their connection on the show and during his round of post Love Island interviews Chuggs also confirmed this was the case.

In an interview with OK! Online Chuggs said he remembered matching with her and they spoke about owning their own businesses. He said: “I do remember matching with Lucinda. I recognised her face when I saw her and then when it said something about her clothing brand I was like oh yeah definitely.

“I remember speaking to her about it and I find it so cool when someone’s got their own business.”

Mary and Clarisse

Mary and Clarisse are two of the Casa Amor Islanders who made it to the main villa and it turns out they may have known each other before the show.

Mary and Clarisse have both made careers out of modelling and Instagram so it’s likely they were aware and following each other before the show. This seems to be confirmed with an Instagram post.

Six weeks ago, long before Casa Amor, Mary posted a picture of herself and Clarisse commented three heart eyes on the post. Clarisse made her comment six weeks ago as well, so there’s a big chance they were already friendly.

Liam and Millie

Millie and Liam’s short relationship has come to an end however some fans think it could have begun years ago.

A number of eagle eyed fans noticed both Liam and Millie were in Ibiza at the same time and were at Ocean Beach club within days of each other in September 2018.

However there is no evidence to suggest they actually crossed paths.

Liam and Josh Ritchie

via Instagram @liamreardon1

One Islander Liam definitely knew before the show was season one finalist Josh Ritchie.

The two have been friends for a while, even going to Ibiza together to celebrate Liam’s 21st birthday. Liam shared pictures of them together on jet skis if you want evidence.

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