Pictures and a clip of Luca before veneers have resurfaced and he looks SO different

There’s a side-by-side of him before and after getting his teeth done


Old videos and pictures of Luca Bish way before he was on Love Island 2022 have resurfaced, and he looks completely different. The video is from YouTube, and has been posted to TikTok, and everyone is shook by his villa transformation.

The original video shows Luca and his ex girlfriend Sophie Floyd going to get veneers done together. “Sophie & Luca visited Dental Centre Turkey” has been posted by where they went, and shows a step by step of them getting the treatments done together. Luca has long hair and tbh, looks wildly different.

During the clip, before and after pictures have been shared of him, showing what his teeth used to look like, compared to now. Luca has openly said during his time in the villa that he has veneers, so it’s not as though he’s keeping his cosmetic work a secret.

via YouTube

The video has been posted onto TikTok, and people are going wild for it. It’s captioned “So Luca’s winners’ speech has been leaked!” and already has well over two million views. It shows Luca in the back of a car, after leaving the clinic. The comments section of the video is going wild. “THE HAIR IS KILLING ME,” one person said. Loads of people have commented “berries and cream” and compared his hair to the little lad in the viral berries and cream video.

The video was posted with no context, but people in the comments have clarified it shows Luca talking about getting his veneers done before Love Island.

“Yeah all done, I really don’t want to leave, the experience has been amazing,” Luca says in the clip. “The staff have been amazing I just don’t want to leave. I wish I could live here the way they treat you. So happy with the results.”

A further picture, also taken from the YouTube clip, has been posted to Twitter. “Never let a bloke who had a barnet like this talk down to you,” the caption reads.


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