‘It felt like Millie and Liam last year’: The Casa Amor girls weigh in on their Love Island exit

‘I want her to know what he’s like’

Last night saw one of the most dramatic Casa Amor recoupling ceremonies ever – and now half of the new Islanders have had to make their exit and walk out the Love Island 2022 villa, having not been chosen to be in a couple. BUT, they were definitely not just going to leave silently, because Cheyanne and Mollie made sure everyone in the main villa was aware if their other half had strayed during their time away.

Straight after the recoupling, Cheyanne and Mollie piped up to tell everyone that they had a connection with two of the boys during their time in the villa. Cheyanne had kissed and shared a bed with Jacques, and believed he was going to couple up with her, but he stuck with Paige. Mollie kissed and shared a bed with Davide, who ended up sticking with Ekin-Su. So, how do the girls feel about leaving? Here’s what they said after their Casa Amor 2022 exit.

The Casa Amor girls on their exit from Love Island 2022 following dumping

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‘It was a bit like the Millie and Liam situation last year’

When asked how she feels about leaving Love Island, Cheyanne described the situation as “bittersweet”. She added: “I didn’t want to remain in there after I’d felt a connection with someone and he remained in his couple. I spent the majority of my time with Jacques. We shared a bed together and I know he said he wanted to get to know me more. We’d kissed.

“Then when it came to the recoupling he stuck with Paige. It was a bit like the Liam and Millie situation last year. I didn’t know what he was going to do until the last minute. I genuinely didn’t have a clue so that just shows how much we’d spoken and got along.”

‘Everything happens for a reason’

When Mollie was asked how she feels about her journey being over, she said: “Obviously, it’s bittersweet. I had an amazing time there but I believe that everything does happen for a reason, so the reason that I haven’t stayed in the villa wasn’t my path. I reckon there must be someone waiting for me on the outside. But I had such an amazing time there, I loved every second and I don’t regret going on the show – I think it was the opportunity of a lifetime really. I’m so glad I got to experience it because I know so many people applied for it.”

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‘There was that vibe to bounce off each other’

So, was Cheyanne always focused on Jacques, or was there anyone else she wishes she had go to know more? “Not just Jacques. I did like Andrew as well,” she said. “I thought he was quite good looking. When we were chatting there just didn’t seem like there was that vibe to bounce off each other, like with Jacques.”

What did Cheyanne say to Paige before she left the villa?

After Jacques chose to stay with Paige and leave Cheyanne, Cheyanne had one last chance to speak to Paige about everything that went on. “I mentioned to Paige afterwards it wasn’t personal, I just wanted her to know what he’s like,” she said.

The Casa Amor girls on their exit from Love Island 2022 following dumping

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‘I’m the most boy-orientated person you’ll ever meet’

Mollie said that when she entered Casa it was a “nice experience” because everything she did involved boys. “I just wanted to see the boys!” she said. “I’m the most boy-oriented person you’ll ever meet. All day I’d be like ‘where are the boys? I’m going to have a chat with the boys?’ Everything I spoke about involved boys!”

Mollie said Davide told her his sights were set on her

Mollie definitely expected to be chosen by Davide in the Casa Amor recoupling, and has shared that she told him she liked him the most. “With Davide, that’s who I shared a bed with and who I was kissing every night,” she said. “He said to me that he had his sights set on me as soon as I walked in. He said he wanted me to get to know the other guys so I knew exactly what I wanted [after that]. On the last day, I told him I liked him the most and he picked Ekin-Su.

“I feel like I had my doubts [about being chosen] but he didn’t really mention Ekin-Su to me. I always knew going for Davide was a risk but I’d rather go for someone who is a risk rather than someone I wasn’t attracted to.”

So, who do all the dumped Casa Amor Islanders thinking will win this year?

When the Islanders are dumped and have to make their exit, it’s always an insight to see who they from the inside think will win, and each of the six Casa Amor Islanders were asked who they think can go the distance in Love Island 2022. Mollie believes Luca and Gemma could win, or curve ball, Dami and Casa Amor girl, Summer! “They had a really good vibe,” she said. Cheyanne is also backing Luca and Gemma to win.

Out of the other Casa Amor Islanders, Jazmine wants Luca and Gemma to win, as does Jack Keating, who said they are “rock solid”. George too thinks it will be Gemma and Luca who win. Samuel added: “The strongest couple is definitely Luca and Gemma because they were the only couple that stayed true to themselves, they passed the test with flying colours.”

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