Casa Amor production secrets: The sneaky ways producers make the twist so dramatic

The devil works hard, but Love Island producers work harder


Casa Amor is the most dramatic part of Love Island, every year. It sees couples fall out, dramatic twists, shocks and then the huge recoupling at the end shakes up the dynamic of the Islanders for the rest of the series. So, what is behind making this aspect of the show so shocking? There are a number of production secrets that create the golden television Casa Amor truly is.

The producers really know what they’re doing here. From how they make that recoupling so damn good, to all the little aspects of what life is like for the Casa Amor bombshells – here are all the behind the scenes facts and production secrets from this section of the show.

Behind the scenes facts and production secrets from Casa Amor on Love Island

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The Casa Amor cast members DO watch the show before they enter the second villa

Right, one of the biggest mysteries and production secrets is if the bombshells have been watching the show before they head into the Casa Amor villa. They seem to know the Islanders pretty well, and all have an idea of who they want to crack on with. In a tweet, ex-Islander Sharon has cleared this up. “They make all the bombshells etc watch the show, that’s why everyone asks for their top three because they have to give it to the producers,” she said.

The Casa Amor recoupling takes hours to film

To us, it looks like the recouplings take about half an hour and then all is done. But ex-Islander Amy Hart has said they actually take hours to film in their entirety. They are quite often filmed late at night and in the earlier hours of the morning, and in a TikTok Amy said the normal recouplings take up to two hours to film, whilst the big Casa Amor recoupling takes four.

AND they do a pre-recoupling too!!

Yes, they literally do a pre-recoupling before the main one that we see on the show. Casa Amor 2021 contestant, Amy Day, told OK! Magazine those in Casa Amor have their own mini recoupling beforehand in order to give the contestants time to pack and get ready. “It was a real shock because the whole time you don’t know where any of the boys’ heads are at and nothing is guaranteed,” she said.

Behind the scenes facts and production secrets from Casa Amor on Love Island

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Ex-Islanders have said they actually already know how the big recoupling is going to play out

So you’d think the big Casa Amor recoupling is completely candid and the Islanders are genuinely shocked by what happens, right? Most of the time, yes. But apparently some Islanders in the past have worked their fate out, and knew they were about to be left single. Shaughna Phillips starred in the winter series of Love Island, and was initially paired up with Callum Jones before he returned from Casa Amor with new girl Molly.

Speaking about her Casa experience, Shaughna revealed: “I 100 per cent knew Callum was going to come back from Casa Amor with another girl, before he entered with Molly. They [the Islanders] get told what order to sit in from left to right. And while I never got a vibe about who was going to be dumped, I 100 per cent knew what was happening during my Casa Amor recoupling.

“I knew Callum was going to come in with another girl because my name was called out last – and the last one is always a shocker. Also, I was sitting next to Luke Trotman and the producers told him to move over to make more room. I think they were doing that to throw me off to make me think that Callum was going to come back and sit next to me, but I wasn’t falling for it.”

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The Islanders travel from villa to villa by car

This might be pretty obvious, but you know, in case you’re wondering – the Islanders head to Casa Amor by car, and return to the main villa by car for the recoupling.

The Casa Amor bombshells first meet at the new villa too

When the original Islanders meet the Casa Amor bombshells, this is the first time all the new Casa Amor cast members have met each other too. “The first time I met the other Casa Amor girls was in the Uber from my villa to the holding area. I shared the car ride with Lillie and we spent the whole journey laughing and screaming,” Amy Day told OK! Magazine.

“As soon as we got dropped off outside the villa, we saw the other girls and that’s when we all got talking. We probably had an hour to get to know each other before we made our big entrance.”

Behind the scenes facts and production secrets from Casa Amor on Love Island

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They film the new bombshells walking into the villa multiple times

To make sure all the best expressions and shots of the 12 new Islanders are available, the dramatic walk into the villa is filmed lots of times. Amy said: “Entering the [Casa Amor] villa was the craziest day – it was also the hottest day of the year, too. The producers had to film us walking into the villa and we must’ve filmed that walk about 10 or 15 times before we got it right. As it was so hot, we were all sweating and the producers had to get us towels to pat us down. We joked about how we were going to enter looking like we’d just been swimming.”

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