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It’s official: Georgia Steel has done the most tragic sponsored Instagram post EVER

This is worse than when Niall did Harry Potter World

Ex-Love Islanders posting sponsored content to their Instas in exchange for cold hard cash is nothing new, and yes, it's really fun to rinse how tragic some of the #ad money-grabbing is.

After all, how else are Love Islanders expected to get that bread? Chris and Kem couldn't put meat on the table with their music career alone, Dr Alex can't seem to go five minutes in the hospital without posting asinine medical advice to his Insta story, and the other Alex is now literally selling videos of him sticking vibrators in his butt.

But Georgia Steel has topped them all with a bit of sponcon that makes you pine for the days when people just went on Love Island to shag in a room full of people and go home.

In an Insta post promoting Car Fume car air fresheners, she claims she is "literally addicted" to hanging the scented crystal thingies from her wing mirror while she poses with about six of them dangling from her hand, dressed head-to-toe in Giorgio Armani trackies.

Now, in fairness to Georgia, there are worse things you could be addicted to, even if there's no evidence to suggest she's not addicted to eating the car fresheners, or sniffing them à la poppers. It's also not like Georgia is a stranger to more "out there" sponsored content – remember when she did a promo for the British military? I mean sure, she's done #ads for tanning products as well, but at least she's trying out here.

Besides, look at how excited she is with her air fresheners. Even if there's no discernible trace of excitement on her face, she does says she "can't wait to try them all", which does make you think a little bit of that scene in Seven where loads of them are used to mask the smell of a decaying body. But look at that heart-eyes emoji – she really is into these car fresheners.

So yeah, the post is tragic, but Georgia is getting paid actual money to be tragic. You know who isn't getting paid to be tragic? The 55,639 people who liked the post, or the hundreds of people commenting themselves into a frenzy below it.

Some of these comments are quite mean, too. One person who does not get paid to use Instagram said: "YOU PEOPLE DO ANYTHING FOR CASH," while another said: "I thought you were skint cos your boyfriend robbed you."

Some of these people who really need a hobby are using the comments to launch a desperate (and deeply weird) last-minute chirpse. One fan said: "Hello you. Nice car. Um. I didn't know you drove. Congrats. Good for you, babes. You are so beautiful. I love you. I've watched you on Love Island, Celebs Go Dating, and that farming reality show. You look so good in all of them by the way."

Other tragic heroes leapt in to defend the ex-Love Islander's love of Car Fume as though Georgia were a close personal friend, with one saying: "If you don’t have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. @geesteelx think you are a beautiful young lady. Promote what you want girl."

You don't get long in the limelight as an ex-Islander, especially once the new cast show up, so you really have to get it while the gettin' is good – and if you think you wouldn't pose with a fist full of car fresheners for phat stacks you're lying through your teeth.

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