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Exclusive: Love Island’s Dr Alex can go back to his job

At least Lewisham Hospital aren’t rejecting him


The villa's resident Salmon shirt enthusiast, Love Island's Doctor Alex George will be able to return to his day job as an A&E doctor, his hospital have confirmed.

Lewisham Hospital confirmed to The Tab that due to the national shortage of A&E specialists, they are both expecting and accepting Dr Alex to return to duty in South East London. He'll be glad to have his "professional job" back upon his exit.

When he's not on Love Island, Dr Alex works as part of the Trust Bank – and not the widely reported "zero hours" contract – which offers NHS staff flexibility, whether they're taking time off for their family or reality TV.

Whilst many were wondering why Alex had chosen to leave his post with such a shortage, it's that shortage which means he'll be welcomed back.

The hospital confirmed that he'd spoken to bosses and agreed "not do to anything silly", and is expected to honour his contract by not bringing the hospital into disrepute.

A spokesman for the hospital said it would be unfair to speculate on Alex's potential actions on the show, but as things stand, his return to work will be unproblematic.

It's good news seeing as he's passionate about being a doctor. "I absolutely love my job, I’ve worked since the age of 13 to get here and I go to work every day and I genuinely enjoy it," Alex told The Sun.

As for the possibility of getting struck off the medical register, the GMC, the independent regulator of doctors practising in the UK responsible for maintaining the medical register, were unable to comment on the potential actions of a doctor.

The GMC determine whether doctors are fit to practice. They may act in cases including fraud and dishonesty, or "serious concerns about knowledge of the English language," which is a danger if Niall's tendency to say 'like' becomes an airborne disease.

One doctor has warned that Alex is treading a fine line. Dr Mateen Durrani, from UKAT, said: "He's playing with fire, and if he's not careful, the GMC will be forced to discipline him. They're there to oversee the professional conduct of doctors and to discipline those whose standards are inadequate.

Appearing on national TV has put a microscope up to Alex's actions, says Dr Durrani: "He's chosen to put himself in the public eye and so he should behave responsibly, or face the consequences."

For doctors, behaviour whilst not on the job can have serious consequences. "When it comes to your conduct, whether it's on work or outside of your work it has to be exemplary in the sense that we must be sure it justifies our patients' and the public's trust in us as a profession," says Dr Durrani.

At the start, Alex's dedication to putting his retainer in has shown his conduct in a good light. However, some of Love Island's more familiar actions could've landed Alex in hot water. "If we are talking about having sex in the open or inappropriate behaviour in the open in front of everyone," says Dr Durrani, "then as far as I'm concerned, then it's a serious breach of trust in public which brings your conduct and your professional acumen into question."

Alex went in looking to keep on the straight and narrow, telling The Sun: "You’re recorded 24 hours a day and I just want to make sure that I behave in the right way."

Whether he will return to the hospital is another matter. In fact, he's got one eye on media work, saying "I think there’s probably room for a new TV doctor!"

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