These are the 46 wildest Love Island moments EVER

Remember when Terry and Emma had sex on top of the sheets!!!!

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Last year it was announced that in 2020 there would be two series of Love Island- one being a winter version in South Africa. It’s safe to say the whole of Britain was in meltdown over the thought of double the number of episodes. But it has just been confirmed that Love Island 2020’s summer edition has been cancelled. So all we can do for now is take a look back at the most shocking Love Island moments, EVER.

From Terry and Emma shagging in front of everyone and when Zara lost her Miss GB crown, to a full on screen willy and A PROPOSAL in season one. And who could ever forget Tom asking if Maura was all mouth or when Josh came back from Casa Amor with Kaz? Wow, it’s been wild.

Love Island most shocking moments:


Love Island series one cast

1. The who mugged off who argument with Jess and the twin

Jess, who was coupled up with Josh, spent an evening in the hideaway with one of the Italian stallion twins, Tony. They had an offer to spend the night there, but whose choice was it not to stay? The morning after Jess said “of-course I fancy Tony, he’s fit!” but told Islanders she “couldn’t wait to get out of that room”.

All was revealed to the Islanders when Naomi told everyone what really happened. Viewers saw it was actually Tony who told Jess “I’d go back and sleep with Josh if I were you” a grand total of three times(!) while she ummed and ahhhed. Oh Jess.

2. Zoe refusing to take part in the Karma Sutra challenge because she’s a ‘good, Christian girl’

She’d been shagging Jordan for weeks on national TV but ok.

3. Bethany SCREAMING at Jess for being ‘fake’ as soon as she walked into the villa

Within 10 minutes of entering the villa, Bethany told Jess she was a “slag” who will go near anything that “has a dick and breathes”. The villa descended into a screaming match, with Daisy, Lauren and Zoe laying into Bethany. Luis, John and Josh all got involved too, despite Luis claiming he wasn’t picking sides.

4. The boys calling all the girls in the villa ugly and saying they were disappointed when they walked in

This was SAVAGE. Luis claimed he was used to sleeping with “worldies”, and the boys all agreed they were disappointed when they came in during a bitching session in the hot tub. Jess overheard EVERYTHING and quickly relaid the goss to the girls. The whole thing descended into a massive boys versus girls drama.

5. When Jon was outright VILE in his and Hannah’s shopping challenge

He was opening packets of food, poking around in them, and then he squirted cream on Hannah’s back and put it all back on the shelves! This was downright gross. Hannah got pissed off with Jon, and told him she couldn’t handle his behaviour. This was a major red flag, but the couple kissed and made up not long after.

6. When Jon proposed to Hannah

Yeah, so this happened.

7. Naomi mugging off Josh for Max, Max mugging off Jess for Naomi THEN mugging off Naomi for Jess

Naomi, Naomi, Naomi.

8. When Max got his ENTIRE willy out during a game of truth or dare


9. Omar getting naked at any and every opportunity

Oh Omar – why are you like this?? From donning nothing but an apron in a pathetic excuse to woo Zoe on a date, to streaking around the pool. The irony is, with all Omar’s vain attempts to get his dong on national TV, Max’s willy is the only one who made it to air.

Put it away, Omar

10. Jordan’s ex girlfriend Jasmine showed up



Love Island series two cast

11. Emma and Terry shagging on top of the sheets

Emma was convinced the producers wouldn’t be able to air them having sex if they did it on top of the sheets, but they did. And everyone was in the bedroom watching!! This is arguably the number one rank in Love Island most shocking moments.

12. When Kady and Malia had a fight in the garden

Malia had just arrived, and declared her interest in Scott, who was coupled up with Kady. The girls were sat around the fire pit next to each other, and Kady dropped her drink down Malia’s leg. Malia went nuts, saying she had done it on purpose. They had a MASSIVE row and within about an hour of arriving in the villa, Malia was kicked out.

13. Alex and Zara’s night in the hideaway, which led to Zara losing her Miss GB crown

When Zara chose Alex to spend a night with her in the hideaway it was shocking enough. But then there was the iconic footage of her licking her teeth afterwards, his cum face being shown live on air, and then she got her Miss GB crown taken off her because of it!!!! And can we take a minute to remember Alex is now MARRIED to Olivia Buckland, from the same Love Island series.

14. When Olivia and Rykard had weird spooning sex under the covers while Rachel slept next to them

This was just plain weird and there isn’t an explanation why this happened.

15. Alex and Olivia’s lie detector test

Olivia was already uncertain about Alex’s intentions, and if he had genuine feelings for her. Then they did a lie detector test, and it basically said he didn’t even like her.

16. When Rykard left the villa with Rachel, despite having JUST cheated on her

Rachel was voted off, and Caroline had to awkwardly break it to her it was because the public thought Rykard didn’t even like her. (See no. 14 when Rykard decided to shag Olivia). Then, Rykard dramatically decided he was going to leave the villa too!!

17. Malin’s shock return to confront Terry

Malin and Terry argued a lot, like the two wild ones over a cheese toastie and a t-shirt, but they became official. Then, Malin was voted out of the villa and Terry re-coupled with Emma. Obviously, this was seen as him cheating on Malin, and when he thought he was just being sent out for drinks with Scott, Malin showed up!!! She confronted him, and he tried to dramatically exit, but he took her sunglasses with him. Iconic.

18. When all the Islanders played the ‘mugged off’ game

They all found out who had said what about who, and threw tea over each other. Wild.

19. When Tina put Kady and Scott on a break, so Kady called her a ‘c*nt’

All Tina had done was say she fancied Scott and picked him to go on a date with, and Kady was livid. She shouted “you’re a c*nt” at her as they left for the date, and the entire villa started to hate Kady. Kady also made a loose comment about how Tina looked like she should be on Made in Chelsea, but then Tina did go on to appear in MIC, so that comment was fair enough.

20. When Adam said he could “just bang Liana and then choose Tina”

We all thought he was the nice one!!! Then he refused to have sex with Katie in the hideaway because it would affect his wrestling career, he was wild.


Love Island series three cast

21. The arrival of Jessica Shears

Right at the beginning, the producers decided to chuck in one of the fittest people on the planet – just to cause a stir. Montana was quaking in her bikini.

22. Sam and Chris having a huge argument over Olivia


23. When Georgia coupled up with Kem

You couldn’t help but feel bad for Georgia. She was new, she didn’t really know what to do so she coupled up with Kem. Obviously Kem was coupled up with Amber, and they had just become official. Amber’s face was amazing.

24. Theo and Jonny’s general hatred for each other, and when Theo did his spot on impression of Jonny

“A certain gigantic bellend” was how Jonny phrased it.

25. The rollercoaster ride which was Camilla

She was innocent Camilla Thurlow, that once dated Prince Harry. She never went near anyone and blushed at the thought of taking someone on a date. Then she snogged Jonny, and left the villa with Calvin Klein model, Jamie Jewitt!!!

26. The arrival of Mike Thalassitis

Described as a “Greek God”, he was put in the villa because he was incredible looking and would cause a huge stir. Olivia literally lost her shit, and ended up leaving Chris for him. Mike knew he had his pick of the girls and it made for incredible television.

27. Olivia kissing Chris, then hopping into bed with Mike

Both Chris and Mike were incredibly fit, and poor old Olivia couldn’t choose. So she had both.

28. When Marcel had to tell Dom about rumours from back home

Dom was coupled up with Jess, but then her and Mike got voted off. Marcel and Gabby then won phone calls from home where their family told them about rumours Jess and Mike had “cracked on” back home. Marcel told Dom, and he was devastated.



Who could forget the postcard sent back to the girls in the villa with the pictures of the boys kissing loads of new girls, shocking.

30. When Mike and Sam CAME BACK

Mike and Sam had been voted off, but then they arrived back. Crafty from the producers as it was just when Olivia and Chris were on the rocks, AGAIN. “Dicksand is back”, as Olivia put it.


Love Island series 4

31. When Hayley came out with some of the dumbest quotes ever said on national TV

“What’s an aura?” “Does Brexit mean we won’t have any trees?”

32. The Georgia and Jack who kissed who drama

Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler went on a date, and Georgia CLEARLY kissed him, but she claimed she didn’t. There’s video proof, you’re not loyal babes.

The Kiss


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33. When Josh coupled up with Kaz and Georgia was LIVID

After meeting at Casa Amor, Josh Denzel had his head turned by Kaz. He dumped Georgia and coupled up with her instead. Lucky escape there Josh tbh, but Georgia’s face was a PICTURE.

34. Adam dumped Kendall for Rosie, tried it on with Megan, and then dumped Rosie for Zara

“I’d be lying if I said she wasn’t my type.”

35. Rosie’s sassy speech and when she strutted off away from Adam

After Adam completely mugged off Rosie, it went as far as him being called out for “clear warning signs” of “gaslighting and emotional abuse” by the charity Women’s Aid. But Rosie wasn’t going to let him off lightly, and she let him know exactly how he’d made her feel.

36. When Megan went around kissing everyone

Eyal, Wes, the Specsavers guy Alex – you name them, Megan had kissed them. Apparently it helped her decide if she fancied them or not.

37. Jack’s ex was in Casa Amor and everyone thought Jani was over

The girls saw a video of Jack saying one of the new girls was his ex, and then were left completely in the dark about what was happening. Dani was distraught, and the moment led to Ofcom receiving over 2,500 complaints and the show being called out for “cruelly” manipulating Dani’s feelings.

38. When Jack asked Dani what time her flight home was

They’d just had a huge argument and we thought it was over (again), then when the couple got into bed at the end of the night, Dani said to Jack: “I’m going home tomorrow so you can carry on with your journey.” Jack replied: “What? What time’s your flight tomorrow?” OK THEN.

39. When Alexandra Cane finally put Dr Alex in his place

“I think you’ve led me along this path when you’ve been lying the whole time. You know if you like somebody or not. I think you’re pathetic. You’ve wasted my time, and you’ve wasted your own. Shame on you.” Icon.


40. When Anton thought Anna wanted to couple up with him but she really didn’t

“I want to couple up with this boy because he has a really sexy body.” You really do hate to see it.

She meant Sherif. Poor guy.

41. The arrival of QUEEN MAURA

From the second she arrived in the villa, Maura had our full attention. She winked at Elma, strutted in and it had happened. The chaotic queen energy levels only ever achieved by Megan Barton-Hanson were about to be back.


And boy were we in for a wild ride with Maura. First night she was dangling Michael in front of the other girls, she turned Tommy’s head a full 560 degrees (!!!!), she went to Casa Amor looking for “willies”, snogged a few boys, and then told Amy that Curtis didn’t love her and cracked on with instead. Ugh love her so much.

42. When Tom said it would be interesting to see if Maura was all mouth or not

It makes you cringe just thinking about it. Between them, Maura and Tom created hands-down the wildest moment of Love Island 2019.

Maura had chosen Tom to join her for a night in the Hideaway. He was ready to have one of the best nights of his life but little did he know he was about to fuck it up harder than he could ever imagine.

I can still hear her say: “That’s a dickhead thing to say”

When talking with the boys, he said: “It’ll be good to see if she’s all mouth”. He was referencing Maura being pretty sexually open during her time in the villa. He was also obviously trying to engage in some sort of lad banter with the boys, which in the realms of a WhatsApp group would probably be received pretty well. But, she was right there behind him. Cringe.

Then to add to the awkwardness of the situation, Maura asked Tom what he had just said about her and he told her!!! Straight to her face!!! “I said it’ll be good to see if you’re all mouth”. ARE YOU OK TOM? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? The boys were shook. Maura was shook. The whole nation was shook.

Unforgettable. Emotional. Beautiful. TV gold. Art.

43. When Amber came back from Casa Amor and Michael had coupled up with Joanna

Amber and Michael were one of the strongest couples in the villa. We thought. Amber went off to Casa Amor and Georgia Steel style, stayed loyal. However when she walked back into the villa all alone she was greeted by Michael stood there with Joanna.

She cried. I cried. Everyone cried. I will never forget the look of pure shock on Anna’s face as Michael began talking. But it’s fine, Amber ended up winning the show with Greg which is a massive upgrade and Michael knows it.


Does this quote even need explaining? I’m pretty sure you read that sub-heading in Amy’s voice anyway.

After Casa Amor, Amy was ready to return to the main villa and confess her feelings to Curtis. But his head had been turned while the girls were away by Jourdan, who didn’t even fancy him anyway. It was horrifically messy.

45. Belle and Anton’s EXPLOSIVE argument in the Love Island club

Anton had a rocky road in Love Island 2019. Boy did he try hard. He’d finally found a girl that liked him in Belle. Then he decided it would be a really great idea to give his number to a local shopkeeper and kiss Anna instead of Belle in a challenge!!!

Belle lost the plot, and the pair had a HUGE row in the Love Island club.

Ovie’s face was absolutely priceless.

46. Anna going IN on Jordan for cracking on with India

Anna and Jordan had just become official. It was all looking rosy in their relationship. But then, he decided he wanted to get to know India?! A day after he asked Anna to be his girlfriend?! You couldn’t make it up.

Obviously, Anna being Anna was not going to sit down and take this lightly. She went over to him and gave him hell. I don’t think I’ve ever gasped so much at a TV programme before. Incredible scenes.

A moment of silence for Jordan’s ego when India called him “mate”.

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