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Which ex-Love Island member has the most fake followers on Instagram? An investigation

Not about asking your mum for likes anymore

Question: if you had quite a lot of money, but could make a lot more money if you had a lot of Instagram followers, would you pay to get those extra followers? The answer is almost definitely yes.

Well, I can think of some people in that situation. The love island rejects who want to make more money on Instagram. Some struggled to gain any followers while in the villa, plus last year’s Love Islanders are losing Insta followers by the second, so they're making up for it now.

We decided to investigate which Love Island dumpees have the most fake followers on Instagram using Influencer Marketing Hub – a site that creates audience quality reports for any account over 1,000 followers.

We looked at stats monitoring followers, where they're from and whether they're real. With this, we can now reveal who has the most suspicious accounts following them on Insta.

Hayley Hughes

Suspicious followers: 11.4 per cent (52.1K)

Her audience quality is just average, as is the rest of her profile. Her followers are mainly female, even though everyone thought she was the fittest when the show started. Her follow quality is low with 33 per cent, and her average number of likes is 29.6K.

Alex Miller

Suspicious followers: 15 per cent (23.2K)

More Spanish people follow the DJ ex-Islander than Irish or Australian, so maybe his music or remixes have been played out there? A significant part of his recent comments look in-authentic according to Influencer Marketing Hub, so he's being spammed.

Kendall Rae-Knight

Suspicious followers: 15.4 per cent (116.8K)

Kendall has a total of 70.5 per cent of real people following her, mostly coming from London. Her core following are female, but she has some 2 per cent that come from Brazil who are permanently living in paradise. Her audience quality score is a strong 69, so pure.

Samira Mighty

Suspicious followers: 15.8 per cent (128.4K)

Like Frankie, the lovey dovey act seems to bring in real people invested in their relationship to her Instagram feed instead of the haters. She hasn't got time for them, going to Thorpe Park and attending festivals looking all glowed UP. Female solidarity is strong with 70 per cent majority, and her average likes per post start at 82.7K!

Grace Wardle

Suspicious followers: 15.9 per cent (12.5K)

London, Belfast and Manchester make up her fan bases, but also 2 per cent of her followers come from Italy! Most of her comments, likes and interactions seem real, although her follower to like ratio is seemingly suspicious. Has Grace bought most of her fans? They seem to be growing steadily instead.

Ellie Brown

Suspicious followers: 16.2 per cent (101.5K)

Her audience quality is 66 out of 100 per cent, but one sixth of her followers are labelled fake. Only 53 per cent of her account looks authentic, and we're asking questions.

Charlie Frederick

Suspicious followers: 16.4 per cent (44.7K)

Charlie's fireman picture gained all the likes from the gals that make his core following, with a surprising amount from Spain falling for the posh boy cricket look everyone loves. His activity rakes a high 63 per cent for quality, but his authenticity needs to be improved.

Rosie Williams

Suspicious followers: 16.4 per cent (107.5K)

Rosie is top of the class with her top-notch quality on her Instagram, and only has 2K worth of influencers who follow her. Some of her followers live in Barcelona, and some in the US. Her English accent must have attracted some Southern Americans who think she's related to The Crown.

Niall Aslam

Suspicious followers: 16.5 per cent (113K)

His shocking departure came with many sympathy messages from his 67 per cent female followers, applauding his courage and generally wanting him to be happy. Spread around the UK and Ireland, he also find some fans from Australia which could tempt him to Love Island Australia??

Charlie Brake

Suspicious followers: 16.8 per cent (76.8K)

Out of 457K followers, his average is 22K per photo, except when he reveals Grace is going to have his kids. He's either posting such boring content nobody thinks it's worth the double-tap, or we're all bungee-jumping to conclusions and speculating his followers are just not real.

Ellie Jones

Suspicious followers: 16.9 per cent (18.6K)

Her engagement rate is classed as excellent but her stats really aren't that impressive. Her modelling shots should create more buzz but 60 per cent of real people follow her. Maybe everyone is getting tired of seeing the same thing over and over again?

Charlie Williams

Suspicious followers: 17.7 per cent (10.2K)

Her tanning salon history must have struck a good relationship with Liverpudlians. Her selfies and posing only generates an average of 3.7K likes per photo, with a sad 0.8 per cent being any influencers.

Dean Overson

Suspicious followers: 18.1 (10.1K)

Irrelevance is a hard pill to swallow. His engagement is rated 'average' and his average likes on 3K, and Influencer Marketing Hub recommends he improve his social branding.

Frankie Foster

Suspicious followers: 18.2 per cent (73.8K)

Out of 404K, almost 1K of them are marked suspicious on our reports. His adoring pictures that he posted while he was out of the villa before Samira quit, and then the headlines of them uniting at Gatwick have caught the hearts of a strong 70 per cent female following. Watch this space.

Adam Collard

Suspicious followers: 18.4 per cent (168.2K)

It seems like his Sculpt Fitness regimes seem to rake in more female followers than guys wanting to learn how to get fit, and folks from Edi make up a solid 1 per cent of his 916.7K.

Savanna Darnell

Suspicious followers: 19 per cent (11.4K)

Her average likes are 3.9K every time, and all her audience care about is fashion and lifestyle. Some of her audience live in France and in the UK, Sheffield and Manchester give her the most love.

Zara McDermott

Suspicious followers: 19.6 per cent (136.2K)

She gets 1.2 comments per 100 likes, and has recently been in the limelight for allegedly photoshopping her pictures of her boobs. Her majority of followers are females (the most active) but only 51.7 per cent of her account authenticity looks authentic.

Stephanie Lam

Suspicious followers: 20.9 per cent (15.3K)

She grew +43 per cent in one week when joining Love Island, and yet only 40.2K actually look somewhat authentic? The Northumbria Grad lightens up her feed with some great swimsuit shots and quit her Accounting Manager job to entertain us every night, and only had 49.9K followers before the show.

Sam Bird

Suspicious followers: 20.9 per cent (97K)

His 90 posts have scored him a lot of followers on Instagram, but out of 464K, he has quite a high number of suspicious followers of those who have left the villa so far. Matching his loved up other half, only 304.4K of his followers look authentic compared to Georgia's loyal millions.

Josh Mair

Suspicious followers: 28.6 per cent (7K)

Part of the latest couple to leave the Love Island villa, he posts regular topless photos of himself to show off his obsession with his chiselled abs and could not have whiter teeth.

Georgia Steel

Suspicious followers: 26.2 per cent (327.4K)

And drum roll please… number one is CROWNED. She has the most followers out of anyone who has quit the villa, and the reigning queen of suspicious followers on our list. Her loyalty doesn't match her followers – her quality of activity is so low that just only 43.6 per cent of accounts who comment on her posts aren't authentic. Her time out of the villa has seen her parents be introduced to Sam, they're moving in together… quickest relationship timeline ever.

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