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Meet Stephanie Lam: The new islander entering the villa tonight who may have dated Chris Hughes

She has lots of Insta followers, obviously

Tonight, four new islanders will enter the Love Island villa to replace Ellie Charlie and potentially two more islanders who could also leave tonight.

But who are the new islanders? Alongside Laura, Paul and Josh is newbie Stephanie Lam who has lots of Instagram followers and is rumoured to be dating ex-islander Chris Hughes after his split from Olivia Attwood earlier this year.

When bae keeps you waiting…

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But who is Stephanie Lam? She's a Northumbria University graduate from St Albans who works as an Account Manager. But she's quit her job to entertain us at 9pm every night on ITV2. Here's what we know about her so far.

How old is Stephanie Lam and where is she from?

New islander, Stephanie Lam is 23 and comes from St Albans.

Reminiscing on sunnier times

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Where did she go to uni?

Stephanie studied Fashion Communication at Northumbria University from 2013-2016.

What does Stephanie do?

Stephanie was an Account Manager at M24Seven before she quit her job to go on the show. She was previously a VIP host and front of house for Tup Tup Palace nightclub in Newcastle while studying.

Do better

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What is Stephanie's Instagram?

Her Instagram handle is @stephanielamx and she has 49.9k followers. She deleted her Twitter account before going on the show and apparently also an Instagram picture of her and Chris Hughes together so people wouldn't realise they had been dating.

Were Stephanie Lam and Chris Hughes dating?

Back in January Chris Hughes was reportedly caught liking Stephanie Lam's sexy Instagram posts when he was still going out with Olivia Attwood. However Stephanie denies their relationship is romantic. She said: "I’m friends with Chris Hughes from last year’s series. We got friendly this year and have been on a mates’ date but we’re just friends."


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But according to The Sun, they've been dating on and off for six months. A source told The Sun: "Chris and Stephanie have been dating on and off for six months but this was an opportunity too good for her to miss out on so she's gone for it."

Stephanie's friends reportedly told MailOnline that Chris and Stephanie never dated but he had tried "relentlessly pursuing her". They said: "Chris and Stephanie have never dated and there's never been anything romantic between them.


A post shared by Stephanie Lam (@stephanielamx) on May 7, 2018 at 12:07pm PDT

"Chris originally DM'ed Stephanie several months ago and had been relentlessly pursuing her, but she wasn't interested in him. A couple of weeks ago Chris was filming in her area and he text her to meet up for drink, they've since met a couple of times but only as friends and nothing has ever happened between them. Stephanie is an intelligent girl and she wasn't interested in Chris."

A source also told The Sun: "They’ve also dated other people so when Stephanie told Chris she was going into Love Island he was pleased for her.

Look into my eyes

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"Obviously it won’t be easy for him watching her in there but he knows how much the show can change lives and wants Stephanie to have the success he did.”

What is Stephanie's dating history?

Stephanie said: "I have only had two serious boyfriends and I’ve not really dated around them. I hope they wouldn’t say anything bad about me as a girlfriend! My last relationship was more serious, I was very much in love and he broke my heart and that’s why we’re not together. We’re on civil terms now.

When you see bae coming ?

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"I am looking to have a good time, enjoy the experience and see if I genuinely connect with anyone. I am a girls’ girl so it would be hard for me to split anyone up but we are all there for the same reason."

What will Stephanie be like in the villa?

A source said: “Stephanie is geared up to cause some chaos in the villa. It’s going to be hard for Stephanie because everyone seems in settled relationships but that’s sure to change when she walks in. Stephanie is a stunning girl and wherever she goes, drama is going to follow her.

Smize ?

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“She knows Charlie Brake and Ellie Brown are having a tough time – and Georgia Steel and Sam Bird seem on the edge – so there’s two heads that could be turned." Since Charlie Brake and Ellie Brown were dumped from the island in last night's episode and Sam and Georgia could be at risk tonight, Stephanie certainly shouldn't rely on these boys for success in the villa.

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