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Ex-Love Islanders are making over £8,000 per sponsored Instagram post

Kem is absolutely raking it in


You, an idiot, posts on Instagram for free. But former contestants from Love Island, fortunate beyond their wildest dreams, have absolutely cashed in on their time in the villa through sponsored Instagram posts.

New data has revealed the cast of last year's Love Island are still making thousands from sponsored posts on Instagram. Kem's making the most out of last year's cast, bringing in around £8,600 per post.

The analysis uses the follower count for each Ex-Love Islander to calculate just how much money they make from individual sponsored posts on Instagram.

The report shows that every 100,000 followers is worth £430. But of course, our fave Love Islanders don't have just 100,000 followers. They have millions.

Kem Cetinay – £8,600 per post

Kem Cetinay currently stands as the ex-cast member with the most followers, boasting a casual two million on his Instagram account.

According to the report, Kem is earning up to £8,600 for each sponsored post on Instagram. That's EIGHT GRAND every time he drops a brand name and adds a little #spon. Mental.

2. Chris Hughes – £8,170 per post

Chris Hughes is next up with a whopping 1.9 million followers. This means that for every sponsored post on his Instagram, Chris can be making up to £8,170.

Chris is involved in multiple promotions, including partnerships with First Choice holidays, Coral and Boohoo Man.

3. Amber Davies – £6,600 per post

The most followed female star of Love Island is winner Amber Davies, who currently has 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

So, every post that features Miss Pap, Rebellious Fashion or some other vague fashion brand, she's making six grand.

4. Olivia Attwood – £6,450 per post

Despite her split with Chris, Olivia Attwood still seems to be getting by, in part thanks to her 1.5 million followers.

Every sponsored Instagram post will earn her £6,450. She has brand partnerships with Boohoo and Hairburst.

5. Camilla Thurlow – £5,500 per post

Camilla has proven to be one of the least active social media influencers, with far less promoted posts than her co-stars. But this is probably because she's busy defusing bombs or helping refugees, which is a pretty fair excuse.

Also it is just SO Camilla that one of her few brand partnerships is with Ecover, a sustainability brand.

6. Jessica Shears – £4,730 per post

Jessica Shears, another Love Islander desperate to soak up what is left of her fame, has recently partnered with Nutribuddy, a weight loss and muscle supplement brand. Jess' 1.1m followers means that she can make £4,730 every time she posts a sponsored post with Instagram.

These posts might be super annoying on your feed, but if you were getting paid four grand for every post you'd probably give it a go.