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Kem and Amber might be over, but which Love Island couples are still together?

Jonny’s all alone hahahaha

We live in a cruel, cruel world. Jess and Dom are somehow still engaged, yet the winners of Love Island, Kem and Amber, have announced their break up.

It's been nearly six months since the show finished, but people are still really caught up about the couples:

Which couples are still together? Have any of them been caught cheating? We did our research and predicted how likely each couple is to last.

Kem and Amber – split up

What they were like on Love Island: They argued a lot and split up briefly after Kem had a kiss with Chyna. Even Stormzy chimed in, and told Kem he wasn't sure on Amber. But everyone could see how much they actually liked each other.

What they've been like outside of the villa: Since they won Love Island 2017, the couple have been everywhere. They hosted Good Morning Britain for a week, been heavily promoting sponsored content on Instagram and Kem released 'A Little Bit Leave it' with fellow contestant Chris Hughes.

They moved in together in Essex and everything seemed to be going well for Kem and Amber, until it it was reported a month ago that the couple started arguing over little things. Yesterday, it was finally announced that they had split up over hectic schedules.

How likely were they to last: 6/10

They may have argued a lot, but not that many people actually expected the winners to break up before Dom and Jess.

Camilla and Jamie – still together

What they were like on Love Island: Camilla had serious bad luck with boys in the villa. First, anti-feminist, big nippled, Jonny dumped her for Tyla and then Craig the creep, completely freaked her out. But then came along Jamie, and won the nation's hearts. He was intelligent, fit af and treated queen Camilla how she deserved to be.

What they were like outside of the villa: Kinda off-radar. They've been doing charity work, avoided shameless self-promos and have been spotted all over the country, doing normal relationship things like going to NatWest together. Awwww.

How likely are they to last: 10/10

Forget Harry and Meghan, these two deserve a royal wedding.

Jess and Dom – still together

Double denim LN at the @slnghr party with this absolute worldie ??

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What they were like on Love Island: The absolute worst. Dom and Jess were so cocky, convinced they were going to win, and then there were rumours that Jess slept with Muggy Mike after getting dumped from the villa. And Dom found out while he was still on the island. Awkward.

What they've been like outside of the villa: Even worse than before. They have somehow managed to build an entire brand around their relationship and when they started fading out, they announced their engagement and a kebab shop appearance.

How likely are they to last: 8/10

You know what, I'm not even sure anymore. Considering neither of them have proper jobs – they might have to cling on to each other forever.

Chris and Olivia – still together but rocky

Kisses under the ??

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What they were like on Love Island: Absolutely toxic, Chris was a sweetheart and Olivia was branded an emotional manipulator by Love Island fans. The couple came third but let's be honest, I think everyone was just voting for Chris.

What they've been like outside of the villa: They've been rocky ever since they left Love Island. Katie Price said Chris sent her flirty texts, Chris also appeared to have kissed someone and Olivia was seen holding hands with someone just last week.

How likely are they to last: 4/10

They might always kiss and make up, but they were so difficult to watch on camera, imagine what their arguments are like off camera.

Montana and Alex Beattie – split up

Tonight's episode looks to be fiery ? who's excited for the girls to get lie detected ?? ??#loveisland #malex #love #couple #hmm

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What they were like on Love Island: Cringe, and when he told her he loved her the day before the final and she parred him off, it was clear it wasn't going to work.

What they've been like outside of the villa: Their relationship was non-existent. Shock.

How likely were they to last: 0/10

After the shocking Pounland appearance and cringe club promo video, there was no way Montana was going to ever be seen near Alex again.

Gaby and Marcel – still together but rocky

She Is #Unreal ❤❤❤ too much fun at the #OKBeautyAwards2017

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What they were like on Love Island: Marcel and Gaby were always strong and had a wobble when Gaby didn't pass her lie-detector test.

What they're like outside of the villa: Equally, they've been quite strong on the outside, but you don't hear that much about them. There have been a few cheating rumours flying about, but none of them have ever been verified.

How likely are they to last: 6/10

Based on how it's been going, they might be together for a while longer, but a lot of people noted that in the series, there didn't seem to be a real spark.

Sam and Georgia – split up

These two are too CUTE! ? Thanks to everyone who has voted!! Who do we think will leave the island tonight!? ?

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What they were like on Love Island: Let's just say that they needed each other as they were the only ones left, who were not in a couple.

What they were like outside of the villa: They were together for a bit, before Sam started going out with Chloe from Geordie Shore.

?he's my ….

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How likely were they to last: 3/10

They were cute, but looking back, it's hardly surprising they didn't last very long.