Alex from Love Island is doing a meet and greet in a Poundland

Times are hard out here

When most people come out of Love Island, they spend their time making thousands from Instagram and nightclub appearances. Jess has started a clothing line, Dom has done a national tour of every UK nightclub, while Kem and Amber will be presenting Good Morning Britain.

However Alex Beattie, the quiet one from Love Island, is spending his time doing a meet and greet in a Poundland shop tomorrow.

He will be at the Wednesbury shop in the West Midlands from 9am to meet his "fans."

Some are undeniably thrilled, however many are disappointed at his choice of venue:

Alex called out the haters and told them to "chill out." He reminded people to not "be so materialistic." But after that video of him promoting his club appearance, as well as this, the people have had enough.

Sources are yet to confirm on whether he will be standing in one of the aisles or at the checkout. But it's safe to say Montana will definitely be staying away.