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We spoke to the people behind Megan’s dramatic face transformation

She literally paid for a ‘Kylie package’

If we have learned anything in the past past few weeks, it's that Megan from Love Island didn't achieve her Hollywood glam look overnight. In fact, she looked entirely different years ago.

It's been estimated she underwent £25,000 worth of cosmetic surgery done before she went on Love Island.

Before she entered the villa, she went to Kiss Aesthetics to get the "Kylie package" and small lip fillers done. They recently posted on Instagram claiming their work.

The Tab spoke to the to find out more about Megan's cosmetic procedures.

How much did Megan's lip fillers cost?

We chatted to them on the phone to find out exactly what this entails and how much it costs and it's actually really affordable. They said: "The Kylie package is three syringes spread between cheeks, jawline and chin for only £695." They don't do student discounts, but they often do offers and competitions on their Instagram page.

Apparently the treatment is becoming increasingly popular, with all six of of Kiss Aesthetics' clinics booked up for the next six to seven weeks. Maybe you can get a booking in time for Love Island 2019.

How long do fillers last?

The treatment can last anywhere between two weeks to a year depending on how fast your metabolism is and how much water you drink.

Are there any long term side effects from getting fillers?

There can be short time side effects such as allergies or if a vein gets injected with filler it has to be dissolved, however this is rare. The long term effects can include body dysmorphia, which can result from overuse of fillers.

How can I look like Megan?

We asked if people could bring in a photo of Megan and say "make me look like this please", but Kiss Aesthetics told us not to do that because you can't copy the look of a celebrity unless you have identical bone structure.

When you go into a Kiss Aesthetics clinic, they will chat to you about your insecurities and go from there. They said: "You should never try to look like someone else."

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