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Annabel Murphy
Manchester University


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A guide to taking MDMA for the first time

Know the facts before dropping

Made in Chelsea Rich List: This is exactly how much money each cast member actually has

Spoiler: they all have a lot of money

Meet Tabitha Willett: The new Made in Chelsea girl causing drama in Croatia

She was expelled from almost every school she went to

The freshers are here! Meet the cute 18-year-olds tearing it up on results night

As if this lot are going to university

Meet Jack Ramsay: Gordon Ramsay’s son and Exeter Uni second year

Omg what if his dad drops him off outside halls

A considered prediction: How long the Love Island couples will actually last

Don’t you dare tell me Paula is going to work out

How to budget at uni

A guide to managing your money when you leave home

Love Island Gossip Column: Frankie cheats AGAIN and Wegan caught doing bits in an airport toilet

They were in there for 13 MINUTES

Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey are ENGAGED

He proposed in Las Vegas wtf

Which is the hardest university to get into in the UK in 2018? Find out here

Let’s just say you would almost definitely get into Aberystwyth

Love Island Gossip Column: Are Eyal and Gabby hooking up? Plus Frankie was with TWO girls that night!!!

Eyal and Gabby would have VERY attractive babies

What does it mean if my ex is watching my Instagram story?

They’re either 100 per cent into you or 1000 per cent over you

How to deal with relationships at uni

Should you break up?

These are the absolute worst stories of weird things an ex has done after a break up

He took her car to the dump and posted it on Facebook

Love Island Gossip Column: The show might be moving to a DIFFERENT CHANNEL and the latest Ofcom complaints revealed

But ITV2 is my spiritual home

This map shows the cheapest places to buy coke in the UK

Edinburgh is the most expensive

Would you actually win Love Island? You can only find out if you take this quiz

If I won I would deffo keep all the money

These meeting the parents horror stories make me never want to progress in a relationship again

‘He took his clothes off, and put them in the sink’

What to take with you to uni: The ultimate checklist

The Tab guide to packing for uni

Okay seriously, why did Dr Alex’s veins look so weird last night on Love Island?

Should we call him… a doctor?

How to make friends at uni

A guide for making new friends when you move away for university

Graduation 2018: A selection of the best pictures from across the UK

‘Uni? Completed it mate’

How to deal with anxiety at uni

A guide for coping with anxiety while studying

From the playground to the Love Island villa: The timeline of Megan’s face throughout the ages

But seriously someone give me her surgeon’s number

Meet Stephanie Lam: The new islander entering the villa tonight who may have dated Chris Hughes

She has lots of Insta followers, obviously

We spoke to the people behind Megan’s dramatic face transformation

She literally paid for a ‘Kylie package’

Who will Alexandra pick in the recoupling tonight?

Please be Alex please be Alex

BREAKING: Samira Mighty has LEFT the Love Island villa

Her and Frankie better get married now

Meet Alexandra Cane: The newest Islander with an excellent Instagram and famous exes

Also she’s got her eye on Dr Alex?!

Who is Kieran Nicholls? Love Island’s newest personal trainer to enter the villa

Looks like he’s not over his ex imo

To ease your post-festival blues, here are the best dressed babes from sunny Farr Festival this weekend

Although it was so hot people didn’t have that many clothes on

But who actually is Josh Denzel from Love Island? Apparently not who he says he is

There have been some LIES

Name a more explosive bit of British television than last night’s Love Island episode, I dare you

I’ll wait

Before the fillers: What did the Love Island girls look like before their cosmetic surgery?

Ummm, different

Was Love Island 2017 really more dramatic? A critical comparison of what had happened so far last year

Feel like pure shit just want it back

What cosmetic surgery have the Love Island girls had? An investigation

Soooooo who’s gonna lend me £10,000

95 students died by suicide in one year. That’s one every four days

New statistics show the extent of suicides at UK universities

This is the cosmetic surgery Megan from Love Island has had, according to a plastic surgeon

It’s quite a lot

So Big Dick Energy is a thing, but what is it? And more importantly do you have it?

Yes, we have made a quiz so you can find out if you have it

Okay Jack’s ex is entering the Love Island villa, but it’s a different one called Ellie Jones

She’s the girl he was with just days before entering the villa

Jack’s ex rumoured to be entering the Love Island villa to cause drama

If she even dares split #jani up

What to expect from Farr Festival this year

It’s basically what you wouldn’t expect from a music festival

How did Jack Renshaw, star of the creepy BNP Youth video, end up attempting to murder an MP?

He also plotted to kill a policewoman

React to these Love Island scenarios and we’ll tell you how much of a snake you are


Here’s how you can win a holiday to Majorca for the Love Island Live Final

It doesn’t mean you count as an Islander

Take this Love Island ‘would you rather?’ quiz to test your morals with a sexy twist

Would you rather get with Dani Dyer or Danny Dyer?

STI tests, shower cameras and unlimited booze: What it’s really like in the Love Island Villa

We spoke to someone who’s been on the show

These dramatic Love Island contestants’ glow ups prove there’s still hope for us all

Who even were you pre-Love Island 2018?

LSU Media Executive Officer Gafyn Donald has been fired and banned from campus for life

He was fired in March

How to actually pull in the club, by girls who have done it

It’s honestly all about the eyes

Everything we know so far about the Love Island 2018 cast

All I know is I fancy all of them

This model is the first boy to be ‘confirmed’ for Love Island 2018

Can confirm he is quite the dream boat

I endured an illegal abortion under the Eighth Amendment in Ireland

Rita Harrold could have gone to prison for 14 years for terminating her pregnancy. Today that might change for women across Ireland

A homeless woman has lured over 40 Manchester students to a house where they get mugged

‘She pulled out a flip knife and demanded I withdraw all my money’

The Tab Loughborough’s BNOC of the year nominations are now OPEN

Nominate you’re mate who’s a massive BNOC

Breaking: Some of the students in the racist Law group chat have been expelled

Others have been suspended and given ‘significant sanctions’

Loughborough uni ranked in the top 10 unis in the UK

We’ve moved up three places yay

Fake News comes to campus: The company making up student stories to go viral

Student Problems staff interviewed each other pretending to be students

These are the festivals you should hit up this summer if you know what’s good for you

The sun is out and I’m buying my tickets now

Southampton students write ‘n****r’ and other racist comments on an open course spreadsheet

They also wrote homophobic slurs

This quiz will tell you what age you’re most compatible with in a relationship

Someone get me a 50-year-old sugar daddy

Who is Jamie Laing’s new girlfriend? The 19-year-old with a billionaire dad

She’s real pretty

A taxi driver tried to pull a female student into his car in Fallowfield last night

He tried to offer her directions

People are withdrawing their UCAS applications for Exeter Uni after the racist group chat


A group of Manchester students made over £800k selling drugs on the dark web

One of them paid off his entire student debt

Matthew Bell has released an apology for his racist messages in the Exeter Law society group chat

‘The comments, which I shall not repeat, are inexcusable and undeniably wrong’

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Breaking: University of Manchester lecturers will continue to strike after rejecting UUK’s offer

The decision was made this morning

Student took his own life after his rugby team shared comments about his sex life online

He became worried the comments would ruin his medical career

Three men attempted to abduct a female student in Fallowfield last night

They tried to force her into a car

What we know so far about the closure of Antwerp Mansion

The venue has received ‘persistent and consistent’ complaints

We’re back with the best dressed of the week, did you miss us?

Of course you did

We want you to write for The Tab St Andrews this semester

You know you want to

We want you to write for The Tab Royal Holloway this semester

You know you want to

We want you to write for The Tab Manchester this semester

You know you want to

We want you to write for The Tab Liverpool this semester

You know you want to

We want you to write for The Tab Exeter this semester

You know you want to

We want you to write for The Tab Belfast this semester

You know you want to

According to science, if your nose is cold it means you’re stressed

You’re touching it now, aren’t you?

Manchester is the 20th best uni at dealing with mental health in the country

According to our Mental Health Rankings 2017

I got mugged for my Canada Goose but joke’s on them – it wasn’t even real

And his wallet only had a fiver in it

59 reasons why Northern students will always be better than Southern students

Northerners always know a good takeaway

So, you can now buy avocados without a stone

The world is spinning and I don’t know what’s real or fake anymore

Why we need to give idiot men like Charlie Silcox air time, not pretend they don’t exist

He said women enjoy being raped, but apparently we’re supposed to ignore this

We spoke to the anti-feminist Tinder guy who thinks women enjoy being raped

And shock, he’s single!!!

The countdown to Christmas has begun, so here’s this week’s best dressed in the mean time

Queue Mariah

Loughborough Execs sang ‘Despacito’ in their new video and now I want the world to swallow me up

I will never get those three minutes back

Baby, it’s cold outside so here are the best dressed students on campus

Wrap it up

Here are all the best shops offering 50 per cent off this BLACK FRIDAY

Some of the sales have already started

Who is Rory Farquharson? The Rugby School head boy spotted kissing Malia Obama

‘I always saw potential in him, I was obsessed with him at school’

These are the surprising health benefits of eating chicken nuggets

Hear me out

Oh look! It’s this week’s best dressed on campus

Fur, fur, everywhur

Quiz: Create a look and we’ll guess your uni correctly

Plz not York

Roll up! Roll up! Greggs is launching a Christmas advent calendar

Chocolate is out, rolls are in

Winter is coming, but so are this week’s best dressed students on campus

And they’re wrapped up for the cold season

This week’s clubbers are super crazy and you will NOT believe what happens next

Mind. Blown.

Look no further for the best dressed students on campus this week

They’re right here, silly!