Annabel Murphy
Annabel Murphy
Assistant Editor

What to expect from Farr Festival this year

It’s basically what you wouldn’t expect from a music festival

How did Jack Renshaw, star of the creepy BNP Youth video, end up attempting to murder an MP?

He also plotted to kill a policewoman

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Y’all are nasty

LSU Media Executive Officer Gafyn Donald has been fired and banned from campus for life

He was fired in March

How to actually pull in the club, by girls who have done it

It’s honestly all about the eyes

Everything we know so far about the Love Island 2018 cast

All I know is I fancy all of them

This model is the first boy to be ‘confirmed’ for Love Island 2018

Can confirm he is quite the dream boat

I endured an illegal abortion under the Eighth Amendment in Ireland

Rita Harrold could have gone to prison for 14 years for terminating her pregnancy. Today that might change for women across Ireland

A homeless woman has lured over 40 Manchester students to a house where they get mugged

‘She pulled out a flip knife and demanded I withdraw all my money’

The Tab Loughborough’s BNOC of the year nominations are now OPEN

Nominate you’re mate who’s a massive BNOC

Breaking: Some of the students in the racist Law group chat have been expelled

Others have been suspended and given ‘significant sanctions’

Loughborough uni ranked in the top 10 unis in the UK

We’ve moved up three places yay

Fake News comes to campus: The company making up student stories to go viral

Student Problems staff made a Drake parody video pretending to be students

These are the festivals you should hit up this summer if you know what’s good for you

The sun is out and I’m buying my tickets now

Southampton students write ‘n****r’ and other racist comments on an open course spreadsheet

They also wrote homophobic slurs

This quiz will tell you what age you’re most compatible with in a relationship

Someone get me a 50-year-old sugar daddy