Annabel Murphy
Annabel Murphy
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Graduation 2018: A selection of the best pictures from across the UK

‘Uni? Completed it mate’

How to deal with anxiety at uni

A guide for coping with anxiety while studying

From the playground to the Love Island villa: The timeline of Megan’s face throughout the ages

But seriously someone give me her surgeon’s number

Meet Stephanie Lam: The new islander entering the villa tonight who may have dated Chris Hughes

She has lots of Insta followers, obviously

We spoke to the people behind Megan’s dramatic face transformation

She literally paid for a ‘Kylie package’

Who will Alexandra pick in the recoupling tonight?

Please be Alex please be Alex

BREAKING: Samira Mighty has LEFT the Love Island villa

Her and Frankie better get married now

Meet Alexandra Cane: The newest Islander with an excellent Instagram and famous exes

Also she’s got her eye on Dr Alex?!

Who is Kieran Nicholls? Love Island’s newest personal trainer to enter the villa

Looks like he’s not over his ex imo

To ease your post-festival blues, here are the best dressed babes from sunny Farr Festival this weekend

Although it was so hot people didn’t have that many clothes on

Name a more explosive bit of British television than last night’s Love Island episode, I dare you

I’ll wait

Before the fillers: What did the Love Island girls look like before their cosmetic surgery?

Ummm, different

Was Love Island 2017 really more dramatic? A critical comparison of what had happened so far last year

Feel like pure shit just want it back

What cosmetic surgery have the Love Island girls had? An investigation

Soooooo who’s gonna lend me £10,000

95 students died by suicide in one year. That’s one every four days

New statistics show the extent of suicides at UK universities

This is the cosmetic surgery Megan from Love Island has had, according to a plastic surgeon

It’s quite a lot

So Big Dick Energy is a thing, but what is it? And more importantly do you have it?

Yes, we have made a quiz so you can find out if you have it

Okay Jack’s ex is entering the Love Island villa, but it’s a different one called Ellie Jones

She’s the girl he was with just days before entering the villa

Jack’s ex rumoured to be entering the Love Island villa to cause drama

If she even dares split #jani up

What to expect from Farr Festival this year

It’s basically what you wouldn’t expect from a music festival