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Here’s how much the 2018 Love Island rejects have made on Instagram since leaving the show

Kendall is raking it in

Love Island has captivated the brains, hearts and souls of the British public as the years go by – it's no surprise that the contracts after leaving the villa are gaining serious value.

It seems that being plain boring, quitting or being evicted is paying off, as more Instagram sponsored posts and partnerships are appearing on the Islanders feeds after leaving the reality TV show.

We've learnt about the producers' shocking secrets, but now it's time to get inside the secret promo lives of the ex-islanders. And we can reveal even the Love Islander who has gained the fewest Instagram followers since leaving the villa is raking it in.

We've already seen what the Islanders actually do by stalking their LinkedIns, but here is an updated list of how much each Islander has earned on social media since leaving the Love Island villa – do you hear that dolla dropping?

We worked it out by entering the ex-islanders' Instagram URLs into this website. It calculates an estimation of how much money you would make per post based on how many followers you have. So yes, this is an estimation, and yes, you can work out how much money you could make from your own Instagram. You're welcome.

Kendall Rae-Knight

Money per post: £3.2K

Estimate so far: £41.6K

Ah, the first contestant to be voted off, poor Kendall. With 749K followers on Insta, she's a regular poster of good outfit pics and a cracking smile. She's a full time model, and has scored partnerships with William Hill, Missguided and Park Plaza Hotels.

Niall Aslam

Money per post: £2.9K

Estimate so far: £0

With a controversial departure within the first weeks, Niall hasn't scored any sponsored content yet on Instagram but instead chooses to bore us with really cringy Harry Potter hashtags.

Hayley Hughes

Money per post: £1.9K

Estimate so far: £11.4K

Her 2019 Calendar deal already signed, Hayley has scored partnerships with Iconic London, Nutribuddy UK, and William Hill like Kendall. Her followers only rack up to 444K, one of the lowest of all the early departures.

Charlie Frederick

Money per post: £1.2K

Estimate so far: £1.2K

Charlie features on Nev Models front page, and gets modelling work regularly. He gained 100K followers on Instagram within the first five minutes of the first episode, but since leaving the villa has been focusing on regaining his peak physique for more modelling jobs.

Rosie Williams

Money per post: £2.8K

Estimate so far: £30.8K

A fellow Iconic London and NutriBuddy UK ambassador, she also endorses hair extensions and posts a lot of her glam creations from her glam squad. Her bikini photos get an average of 1.K likes and make a tidy sum.

Eyal Booker

Money per post: £3.4K

Estimate so far: £10.2K

Our favourite moneymaker so far, Eyal is working with Dogs Trust, Cadbury's UK, Missguided Man, guest featured with NHS Voices and recently welcomed Piers Morgan (?) to the Do Bits Society.

Zara McDermott

Money per post: £2.9K

Estimate so far: £23.2K

Zara has guaranteed the most lifestyle partnerships so far, with Superdrug Health, Jet2Holidays, Missguided and In The Style. Her coupling with Adam has lasted after both leaving the villa and they could be one of the happiest on the outside.

Adam Collard

Money per post: £3.9K

Estimate so far: £3.9K

His list of appearances from now until November is booked up all around the country thanks to his management Neon, but his company Sculpt Fitness takes up the majority of his Instagram links to show off how shredded he is. Zara is a lucky woman.

Alex Miller

Money per post: £637.46

Estimate so far: £0

Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2017 (according to Specsavers) isn't really going for that post life, except to boast he's a Jeremy Piven doppelgänger instead of a younger Danny Dyer. It 100 per cent could be worse as at least he can potentially made £600 per post.

Frankie Foster

Money per post: £1.7K

Estimate so far: £0

Naughty boy Frankie has been caught up in quite a few controversies since Samira left the villa, but it's all he's been posting about since he left. Her clothes, her smiles, links to that adorable video where they reunite at Gatwick, and more recently selfies of them. Who was the other person in that room?!

Grace Wardle

Money per post: £321. 82

Estimate so far: £321.82

Yikes… her earnings, likes and followers equate to nothing at all. Grace shares her salon on Crystal Palace and her short-lived time in Love Island from Casa Amor like the luxury lifestyle. She only generates £320 per post, the lowest of the low of all who've exited.

Samira Mighty

Money per post: £3.4K

Estimate so far: £0

A shock exit by Samira to follow Frankie meant a spike in followers for the couple, we know she's happy with her decision because of all that Insta love and zero hate. Nothing but blessings and happiness coming your way Samira.

Ellie Brown

Money per post: £2.6K

Estimate so far: £0

So many smooches, public appearances and booty shots from Ellie after exiting the villa, no doubt gaining her likes and money for sure. Represented by the same management as Adam, Neon will keep her busy and hopefully make her more dolla.

Charlie Brake

Money per post: does it even matter? But £1.9K

Estimate so far: £0

Rich boy and other half of Ellie doesn't really need the extra monies to be made but his posh boy persona seems to be working. It could be his jaw line or piercing blue eyes making people double tap.

Sam Bird

Money made per post: £1.8K

Estimate so far: £0

Sam and Georgia quit the Island together in a romantic swoop, already meeting the parents after a stormy last days at the villa. The lucky pants just keep giving as partnerships are rumoured to be on the horizon for the duo.

Georgia Steel

Money made per post: £5.2K

Estimate so far: £0

In the wise words of DJ Khaled: you smart, you loyal, you grateful. She hit one million followers one month after joining the villa and her loyalty to her fans is of no bounds. The glam ups and cute messages from her friends gained the double taps and the most money of all the Islanders so far.

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