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Ranked: The Love Islanders who are charging the most on OnlyFans

Some of the All Stars Islanders are charging less than an tenner!


After Love Island, you can’t really blame the cast members for wanting to cash in on their new-found fame, and some use OnlyFans to do this. On the site, they can set a monthly or yearly subscription fee, which people sign up to pay for exclusive content. And yep, some Islanders are making thousands from it.

Right now, some ex-Islanders have accounts that are completely free, and at the other end of the spectrum there is one Islander who is reportedly making millions, yes actual millions, from their content.

Here are all the previous cast members of Love Island who are on OnlyFans, ranked by how much they are charging per month for subscriptions to their accounts on the site.

12. AJ Bunker – Free

When you first sign up for OnlyFans with AJ Bunker, Love Island 2021 cast member turned boxer, it’s initially free. She says her collab started when OnlyFans came to one of her boxing matches, and now she shares loads of content on there.

11. Arabella Chi – Free

Right now Arabella’s account appears to be free, which is probably an initial offer for a few months, before you have to pay. According to reports her setting up an account was part of a “celebrity fitness section” being added to the site last year.

10. Katie Salmon – Free

Right now, it’s also free to get exclusive OnlyFans content from Love Island season two cast member, Katie Salmon. She’s recently had a baby, and has said despite this she still plans to post on the site.

After being asked on Instagram if she will stop doing OnlyFans once the baby arrives, Katie said: “For now, I still love doing exclusive content for me fans. Having a baby isn’t stopping anything that I do.”

9. Hannah Elizabeth – Free

Another Islander with a free account right now is season one’s Hannah Elizabeth. Hannah has been quite public with her account, previously working with Katie Price in shoots together on the site, so it definitely isn’t free for subscribers long term.

“I think I’d like to model for a few more years, but it’s not something that I’m going to do forever, I’m not going to do OnlyFans forever,” she said in an interview recently. “But, I’m not really sure right now where I’m going to go. I’ll just kind of wait for things to come at me and I’ll decide. I think that for a couple more years I will model and then, hopefully on to a different path from there, but I’m just not sure what at the minute.”

8. Josh Ritchie – £2.50

Ok this is mega cheap, but Josh is currently offering 80 per cent off his OnlyFans account. Yep, for a limited time only you can see his content for just £2.50. “Welcome to my exclusive only fans page! This is Joshua Ritchie off S1 of Love Island.. and this where you can see a bit more of me,” his account says. His regular price is £12.50 a month, btw.

7. Shannon Singh – £5.50

Love Island 2021 cast member Shannon Singh might have only been in the villa for 48 hours, but she’s making serious money off the back of it. She currently charges £5.50 for a monthly subscription to her OnlyFans account. She was already on OnlyFans before entering the villa, but will no doubt have seen more subscribers come in since.

Speaking on her podcast, she said: “I stopped doing OnlyFans when I went on Love Island. Then I missed the money. I started it again. I’m putting myself out there, and it seems to bother so many men. But then you’re probably the one that’s signing up to my page.”

6. Adam Collard – £6.50

Yep, the ultimate bombshell Adam Collard is on OnlyFans, and it’s…cheap. Again, it looks as though his account is more for fitness posts.

5. Thomas Powell – £10

For only a tenner a month, you get full-frontal pictures of Tom from season two. His words, not mine. His OnlyFans bio quite explicitly reads: “A place to find all my XXX content (My Page Includes Full Erect Frontal) 😈🍆”. I think that’s all you need to know.

4. India Reynolds – £11

India is another Love Island cast members who’s using OnlyFans a bit differently to the standard. When she signed up to the site, OnlyFans posted a video captioned: “India is on OnlyFans sharing exclusive content from unseen snaps to vegan recipes, BTS footage of photoshoots and so much more!”

She charges £11 a month and, since she joined OnlyFans, it’s been reported she makes around £380k per month on there.

3. Tom Walker – £12.50

For a pretty bog standard £12.50 a month, you can subscribe to Tom “It’ll-Be-Interesting-To-See-If-She’s-All-Mouth” Walker’s OnlyFans. He’s married now too, btw.

2. Natalia Zoppa – £12.50

Natalia from the 2020 series of the show also charges £12.50 a month. She lists herself as being in the top 0.02 per cent of creators on the site, and her account says she posts on there daily.

1. Megan Barton-Hanson – £21

To subscribe to Love Island 2018 cast member Megan Barton-Hanson’s OnlyFans, it’ll set you back £21. It’s more expensive than the rest, but her bio says you get quite a lot for your money. “Filled with uncensored photoshoots, exclusive content and BTS,” it reads. “Working with great photographers in cute lingerie. I reply to all my messages every single day!”

It’s believed Megan is pocketing around £1million a month from OnlyFans alone. Sure!

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