All the Love Island: All Stars cast members who’ve spent serious bank on cosmetic surgery

Some spent over £30k on work


It’s no secret that Islanders have cosmetic surgery done before the villa, and the Love Island: All Stars cast had some work ahead of their dramatic returns to TV.

From filler to veneers, it seems as though the villa legends wanted to make sure they were looking their best to be on the hunt for love again, and some spent thousands on little tweakments and full procedures ahead of the show.

Here’s a rundown of all the Love Island: All Stars cast members who have spent serious cash on cosmetic surgery in the past.

Hannah Elizabeth

Hannah is very open and proud of the work she’s had done in the past, and has had a wild “Bratz doll” transformation. She’s believed to have spent around £32k on cosmetic surgery before the Love Island: All Stars villa.

As she entered the Love Island 2015 villa, Hannah said she’d had her boobs done, and some filler. In 2022 she revealed more surgery she’d had, in Turkey. She had extensive work done to her face, including a fox eye lift which she said left her feeling “like a Bratz doll”.

After welcoming her son Reggie, Hannah had another boob job, and in 2023 had a nose job. She’s also had a couple of Brazilian bum lifts, or BBLs, done – including one at the end of 2023.

Molly Smith

Love Island 2020’s Molly Smith has had a pretty big transformation over the years. A year after first appearing in the villa Molly had a boob job, which she said made her feel more confident in her modelling work. She said she doesn’t actively promote surgery, but said she is open to talk about it.

“It’s something that I’d always wanted to do, but I could never find the right time,” Molly said. “I feel so much more confident in clothes now and even in my work, as I used to model quite a lot of underwear and wasn’t filling it out, which I found embarrassing. It’s made me feel so much better and, looking back, I wish I’d had it done it sooner.”

On Instagram, Molly posted ahead of Love Island: All Stars about getting a teeth transformation for her second stint in the villa. “Happiness looks good on me,” Molly captioned a picture just a week before the show started, tagging a dentist who has previously posted a video of her getting veneers.

Molly has said she’s never had Botox before, but there are rumours she may have had some lip filler, which Molly herself has never confirmed or denied.

Georgia Steel

After appearing on Love Island 2018, it’s been reported Georgia has had some cosmetic work done. In 2020 it was said she had a face-tightening procedure, which uses lasers to create a “dermal wound” to encourage collagen production and tighten the skin. Posting on Instagram, Georgia called the treatment “super-gentle and natural”.

It’s also been rumoured she might have had a nose job and some fillers ahead of Love Island Games, but this was never confirmed.

Jake Cornish

Love Island All Stars cast who have had cosmetic surgery done before

via ITV / Instagram

Since being on Love Island 2021, Jake Cornish has had a hair transplant and looks completely different from before. He had the procedure at KSL Clinic, after saying he’d been suffering from a receding hairline. This has now been filled out completely, so his hairline is straight and full. “If you want it, just go and get it done,” he said. “Who cares what people think. It’s my hair.”

Liberty Poole

Liberty has previously confirmed she regularly gets lip filler injections, but said other than that she is “all natural”. She’s also had some work done on her teeth, to give her the gorgeous white smile she has now.

Georgia Harrison

Georgia H is another Love Island: All Stars Islander who has been open about the cosmetic surgery and work she’s had done. Since the 2017 series, Georgia’s had a boob job to take her from a B to a C cup, and two nose surgeries to correct a deviated septum. She’s also had lip fillers in the past, we she has since said she’s had dissolved.

Arabella Chi

Love Island: All Stars cast member Arabella Chi has previously spoken out about all the cosmetic work and surgery she’s had done in the past. She’s openly shared videos of her getting things done, and chatted in interviews about her journey.

The main change in her face has been her lips, and Arabella has previously spoken about getting lip fillers, and it’s also been reported Arabella has had some facial fillers. She’s since spoken about wanting a more “natural” look, and that being the reason behind having some of her previous fillers dissolved. In 2021 she said she was going to have filler from her cupid’s bow removed.

After her first time in the Love Island villa, Arabella posted about having Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery. On Instagram she said: “So I’ve had the fat melted in my thighs, now this helps to move the melted fat into my bum making it look curvier.” She said at the time she underwent the treatment because her body had begun to change shape following her appearance on the show, due largely to her not exercising as much.

Jess and Eve Gale

Jess and Eve Gale have also openly spoken about work they’ve had done in the past. They’ve had filler and Botox, with Jess once posting a video of herself getting temple filler to lift her brows, cheek filler for “that snatched look” and anti-wrinkle injections.

When they were first in the villa, an expert speculated they may have had Botox, lip filler, cheek filler and non surgical rhinoplasty “as their noses look a different shape and slightly more sculpted than before.” It was also speculated they may have both had boob jobs, and a BBL.

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