From Islanders to personal trainers: Introducing the jilted exes of the Love Island All Stars

‘I hope she finds what she’s looking for in life – no further comment’

Since Love Island: All Stars started, all everyone can talk about is the exes of the Islanders. Mainly because we have actual ex couples in the villa like Molly and Callum, and we did have Liberty and Jake before he epically walked. There’s also Toby and Georgia, if you count their little Love Island Games fling as a thing.

But, who else have the Islanders dated in the past? Can you even remember who they left their different series of Love Island with and who made it last on the outside for at least a while?

Here’s a rundown of all the publicly known exes of the Love Island: All Stars cast.

Hannah Elizabeth has been engaged twice since she was on the first series of Love Island

The exes of the Love Island All Stars cast members

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Hannah was on the show during season one. She won that series with Jon Clark, who proposed during their time in the villa. After returning to the UK, Hannah and Jon broke up. They had been on holiday together in Spain when they called off their relationship, and previous engagement.

In a magazine interview at the time, Hannah said: “We just had a stupid, drunken argument one evening because I wanted to stay out and he wanted to go home. Jon got in a taxi without me and went back to the hotel, but things got worse the next morning when he said some really nasty things about my glamour modelling.”

Hannah now has a baby who she shares with ex, YouTuber George Andreett. She welcomed a baby boy called Reggie in November 2019, just days after announcing she’d split from her fiancé and the baby’s father, George. Fun fact: George identifies as a wizard. Yes, really.

Georgia Steel’s exes include a Love Island star, a fraudster and an engagement

The exes of the Love Island All Stars cast members

Georgia and Callum, via Dymond/Thames/Syco/Shutterstock

Georgia Steel has really been through it since she was on Love Island 2018. She of course dramatically left her Love Island series with Sam Bird, but they broke up and he accused her of cheating, which she passed off as a big ol’ misunderstanding. In 2019 Georgia then dated conman Medi Abalimba who she was with for six weeks, and in that time he managed to steal £32k from her by cloning her credit card without her knowing.

If that wasn’t enough, Georgia then dated Ibiza Weekender’s Callum Izzard and they got engaged after just one month together. Then, the engagement was called off and Callum said in an interview they broke up because Georgia wasn’t as intelligent as him! Savage!

Luis has children with two of his exes, and they’ve slated him for appearing on Love Island: All Stars

Luis and Cally, via ITV

Luis was on the first series of Love Island, and left with Cally Jane Beech. The couple went on to have a baby together in 2017, but announced in 2018 that after three years together they had split. He then went on to date Chloe Elizabeth, who he also has a child with. When Luis entered the Love Island: All Stars villa he called himself a “proud father”, comments that both Cally and Chloe have thrown shade at.

The women branded him “toxic” and “absent” and Chloe went as far to say her son Romeo was more likely to see his dad on TV than in real life, because Luis had only met him a “few times”.

“Luis has two kids who he rarely supports, but you can see his lifestyle online,” she told The Sun. She added: “In my opinion he’s not a great father figure to his own son, never mind a role model for any young boy. I’m still kind of in disbelief. Seeing Luis on Love Island has brought up some very painful memories.”

Commenting on the situation before entering the villa, Luis said: “Out of respect for my children and their mothers, I do not wish to discuss personal matters publicly.”

His Love Island ex Cally has also spoken a lot about their relationship in the past. Following their split, Cally spoke out about feeling like she’d been taken for a mug, and accused Luis of cheating – which he has denied.

Chris Taylor has two Love Island exes

The exes of the Love Island All Stars cast members

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Chris was on Love Island 2019, which he left in a relationship with Harley Brash. Just two weeks after the show ended, Chris and Harley ended things. Reports at the time said they realised it was just a “holiday fling.”

Chris then dated Love Island icon Maura Higgins, but they also split. Everyone went absolutely wild for the perfect Love Island 2019 coupling we never saw coming, but within six months Maura posted she was “heartbroken” but they had made “the joint decision to end our relationship”, adding there was no wrongdoing on either side.

Georgia Harrison left Love Island 2017 with Sam Gowland

Georgia and Sam left Love Island 2017 together, but come August had already split. Georgia posted a cryptic message on her Instagram, hinting at wrongdoing on his part. She posted on Instagram: “Would like to confirm that myself and Sam are no longer together. Unfortunately for some men one girl isn’t always enough.”

Sam has since been in Geordie Shore and now posts about how he’s making millions in Bali. Sure.

Toby was with his Love Island ex Chloe for over a year

Chloe and Toby from the 2021 series had moved in together and been an item for one year, before ending things. They lived in Essex, but later moved out after it was reported it “hadn’t worked out between them.”

On her YouTube show, Chloe later revealed Toby dumped her, and said it was the “saddest time” in her life. She said she called her bestie Millie crying at the time, who then took her away on holiday. Chloe has since been on Celebs Go Dating, and Toby’s been on Love Island Games and All Stars.

Lauren Foster – Mitch’s ex girlfriend

Yikes – Mitch found himself at the centre of a lot of chat with his exes when joined the 2023 villa. He’s only got himself to blame really, when on the show he admitted to cheating on his ex girlfriend with two other girls.

That ex was Lauren Foster, who branded him “disrespectful” in a series of TikToks. According to The Sun, Lauren was left “heartbroken” by Mitch, after learning he was seeing two other girls during their four year relationship.

Mitch was with Ella B after Love Island 2023

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One month after Love Island 2023, Mitch and Ella B announced they were no longer together. In a statement, Ella B said she “really wanted things to work out” with Mitch, and added: “I’m gutted that our journey has come to an end. I wish Mitch all the best and hope he finds his happiness. It’s time for both of us to start a new chapter.”

Mitch said they ended things because of how busy they both were, but people then speculated the split was actually down to an interview Abi did the week before, where she said Mitch had been flirting with her at events. 👀

Jordan Adefeyisan – Molly’s ex boyfriend

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Molly Smith previously dated 2018 Islander Jordan Adefeyisan. He was part of the Casa Amor line-up that year, and was dumped just four days later when he failed to catch Georgia Steel’s eye. What an All Stars crossover!

As Molly went on the 2020 show, Jordan posted on Instagram saying: “So everyone’s aware that my ‘ex’ is going on Love Island. I’m getting messages regarding the matter and I’m truly not interested. All I can do is wish her luck and I hope she finds what she’s looking for in life.

“I’ll say it again. Please do not contact me regarding Molly. I’m dealing with it in my own way. I’ve got great people around me. She’s made the decision to go on for whatever reason and I’m respecting that. No further comment.”

Kaz said she ‘wasn’t appreciated’ by Tyler after Love Island 2021

The exes of the Love Island All Stars cast members

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Kaz and Tyler were the first couple from Love Island 2021 to break up, announcing they were no longer together three months after the show. Speaking about the breakup, Kaz said at the time she felt she “wasn’t appreciated” by Tyler, in a YouTube video she uploaded to her channel.

She added she had “lost confidence” and struggled processing a relationship in the public eye. “At the end of the day some relationships work, and some don’t and this one just didn’t,” she said. “I was never faking it, I never acted up online for it, I was very much myself and I was how I would be in any other relationship, so I gave my 100 per cent and I don’t think I was fully appreciated but that’s just life. I was very naïve.”

Anton apparently dumped his ex just before Love Island: All Stars

It’s been reported Anton “secretly split” from his girlfriend just before he was announced as part of the cast of Love Island: All Stars. In 2022, he shared he was dating nurse and fitness coach, Dominika Blunska. He recently posted about turning 28 and thanked “this one” for making the last few months “the best of his life” before adding “here’s to many more.”

Fast forward a couple of months and they’ve split, and he’s jetting off to South Africa. Messy!!!

Anton was nearly faced with one of his exes on Love Island: All Stars

The exes of the Love Island All Stars cast members

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On to Anton’s most famous ex, Belle Hassan, who he left Love Island 2019 with. The couple lasted just five weeks outside the villa, when it was reported Belle had grown tired of Anton’s party lifestyle.

According to reports, ITV had previously secured his ex Belle to appear on All Stars too. However, Belle has confirmed she pulled out last minute after starting a romance with a rugby player.

Speaking to The Sun she said: “I was approached to do the show and then I met someone…It’s just not really right for me at the time where I’m at in my life. I mean, if you have a 6ft five rugby player, you probably wouldn’t want to do the show either.” I’m gutted, but fair enough.

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