Homophobia scandals to racism rows: The All Stars Love Island cast’s biggest controversies

It’s a wonder some of them have been cast again


Ahead of going back into the villa, the Love Island: All Stars cast have had a number of controversies in their time. Some of them have been actually getting caught up in scandals themselves, whilst others have had awful things happen in their life since they were first on the show.

From being accused of leaving their children behind to go on All Stars, to dramas that happened before they’d even stepped foot in the villa – these Islanders have had a lot happen in their lives.

Here are all the controversies the cast of Love Island: All Stars have been involved in.

Anton was accused of blackface before entering the Love Island 2019 villa

Love Island All Stars cast controversies and scandals

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Following him being announced as part of the 2019 lineup, photos emerged of Anton Danyluk in blackface. The pictures, originally uploaded to the Facebook page of the gym he owned, showed him on a Halloween night out dressed as Mr T. He was wearing a fake mohawk, large jewellery, and dungarees. The photos have since been removed.

Straight away, there were calls for Anton to be axed from the show, which was set to start on the same day the photos were uncovered. His mother released a comment and said there was “absolutely no racist intent” behind the pictures.

Georgia Harrison was also accused of blackface

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In 2019, Georgia Harrison was forced to apologise when a photo of her in what appeared to be blackface resurfaced online. She insisted the photo had been taken during a children’s birthday party in 2014, when she was 19, and said there was an innocent reason behind it.

A representative for Georgia told MailOnline: “Georgia let the birthday pick what she had done and that was it. The little boy asked for her face to be painted black and then asked for her to have a moustache like a cowboy.

“At no point did Georgia think it was offensive or hold any negative connotations. Georgia would like to publicly apologise for any hurt or upset she’s caused with this old photograph and will learn from the situation.”

Mitch was caught up in a homophobia row, which ended in his management dropping him

Not long after leaving the Love Island 2023 villa, Mitch was caught in a homophobia row which resulted in his management dropping him. Mitch was thrown out of an event, after he was accused of using homophobic language, as well as throwing money at a homeless person.

Mitch denied the throwing money allegations and using offensive language, but whilst apologising did admit he didn’t conduct himself well. An influencer who was at the event called Mitch and another Islander who he was with “vile pieces of work” and said they ruined the experience of the night for her. She claimed the men weren’t even invited to the event, but just turned up.

In an apology video, Mitch said: “There were a lot of allegations against me and Zach. I do want to start off by apologising to Zach because these accusations have nothing to do with him. He’s just been dragged into it. They are solely about me.”

Speaking of the homophobia allegations, he added: “This is probably the biggest accusation out of them all, about being homophobic. I spoke to an influencer at the event and my words were ‘I fancied you when you were straight.’ I can see how that can come across. I’m really bad with my words sometimes. I was nervous to meet this person because I am a fan of them. I do apologise. I was trying to be respectful to that person but obviously I got it completely wrong.”

Luis was in a cheating scandal, and has now denied ‘abandoning’ his two kids

Luis was on the first series of Love Island, and left with Cally Jane Beech. The couple went on to have a baby together in 2017, but announced they had split in 2018. At the time, Cally spoke out about feeling like she’d been taken for a mug, and accused Luis of cheating – which he has denied.

Cally said: “Took Luis back when he cheated on me while I was having his baby with the hopes of saving my family. Problem is it takes two to make one, I do everything for that lil girl. Everyone who knows me knows!”

In another post, she added: “When your ex rants on about wanting you back yet is on every girl going… how embarrassing …. jog on with your stripper I’m just sat here being the shining diamond while u continue to pick up your pebbles …. getting quite a collection ain’t ya.”

Luis went on to date Chloe Elizabeth, who he also has a child with. When they split a source close to the couple told The Sun Chloe felt he was “not making an effort with the newborn baby” and was “always out partying”.

He’s now been forced to comment about “abandoning” his two children, when All Stars viewers questioned his choice to go back on the show. In an interview with The Sun, Luis sad: “I think it could be hard but they’ve obviously got their mums there looking after them, and they’re great mums.”

Addressing the criticism directly, he added: “There’s not really much to say about it really.”

Georgia dated a conman who stole £32k from her

Love Island All Stars cast controversies and scandals

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In 2019, a year after she was in the villa, Georgia Steel dated conman Medi Abalimba, who posed as a US Government agent named Miguel Johnson. She was with him for six weeks, and in that time he managed to steal £32k from her by cloning her credit card without her knowing.

Medi Abalimba bought her a diamond ring with money he stole, and wined and dined Georgia at fancy restaurants, picking her up in chauffeur-driven cars. The relationship came to an end when pictures were published of them together, and Georgia’s agent warned her he wasn’t who he said he was, and instead was a convicted fraudster. Georgia said she was lying in bed next to him when she confronted him about who he really was.

Medi had previously pretended to be former Chelsea winger, Gael Kakuta, so he could fund a luxury lifestyle, as well as stealing credit card details from people’s lockers in a private health club. In 2014 he had been jailed for four years.

Georgia Harrison made history when Stephen Bear was sent down for revenge porn against her

In 2020, Georgia Harrison was the victim of revenge porn, when ex Stephen Bear sold footage of them having sex, which she had no idea even existed. He made £2,000 from the clip, which Georgia had begged he deleted when she found out about it.

In March last year, Bear was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment and ordered to pay her £207,900 in damages – the highest sum awarded in an image abuse case.

Georgia has gone on to continue in her work and protests, towards helping online safety. She has called for social media platforms to be “held accountable” for online harassment and abuse, and criticised the justice system for failing to “keep up”. She said women and girls are being left “traumatised” by social media and called for specific protections to be included in the Online Safety Bill.

Georgia’s work helped change the law when the Online Safety Bill was amended in June 2023, meaning it would be easier to prosecute people for sharing revenge porn.

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