A history of Islanders who had their questionable pasts leaked online whilst in the villa

The video of Haris fighting definitely isn’t the first

ITV has a rigorous vetting process when casting Islanders for Love Island, and the cast members themselves usually wipe clean their social media as soon as they find out they’re appearing on the show. However still, so many times, there have been Islanders who have walked into the famous Love Island villa, and within a few days their pasts have caught up with them and been leaked online.

Haris from this year has just been caught in a post-night out brawl, and in the past Islanders have found themselves having to defend all kinds of pictures and videos that resurfaced about them when they’re on the show. Here is a rundown of all the Islanders who have had things about their pasts leaked online whilst appearing on Love Island.

It was reported Paul Knops had a secret girlfriend in New York the entire time he was on the show

Love Island stars whose pasts leaked online whilst in the villa

via ITV

One of the biggest scandals of Love Island 2018 was when it was reported runner-up Paul Knops had a secret girlfriend in New York the entire time. We thought it was enough of a scandal that he managed to couple up with Laura Anderson and make it to the final in the first place, but that truly was just the start of it.

At the time, The Sun reported Paul had received text messages just days before entering the villa, in which his now ex said: “I’ll be your number one fan that doesn’t watch.” Replying with a selfie, Paul said “miss you” – in a text which was dated the same week he first met Laura.

A source revealed: “Paul lived with his girlfriend in New York before he went onto Love Island. He got offered the chance to go on the show and was against the idea at first – but knew it would be good for his career. He promised his ex they could be together again after the show had finished and she knew to avoid ITV2, which wasn’t going to be difficult as she’s based in New York.

“She reunited with Paul after the show finished and he visited her in America after he went to Burning Man festival – which was while he was still with Laura. Laura had no idea he was with another woman during his time in the States but they split as soon as he returned.”

Anton was accused of blackface

via Facebook

Following him being announced as part of the 2019 lineup, photos emerged of Anton Danyluk in blackface. The pictures, originally uploaded to the Facebook page of the gym he owns, showed him on a Halloween night out dressed as Mr T. He was wearing a fake mohawk, large jewellery, and dungarees. The photos have since been removed.

Straight away, there were calls for Anton to be axed from the show, which was set to start on the same day the photos were uncovered. His mother released a comment and said there was “absolutely no racist intent” behind the pictures.

Pictures of Ollie Williams hunting resurfaced

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Pictures of 2020 winter Love Island contestant Ollie Williams posing with hunted animals emerged, just a few days into his time in the villa. The pictures were first posted on Instagram, but were quickly deleted. One was captioned: “You’ve gotta love it when you put your binos up and see a bull like this on the other end! Another happy client with his awesome eland bull! Enquire on the website today!”

Following the pictures being leaked, Ollie left the villa. He said he left because he was still in love with his ex, which was all very convenient.

Danny Bibby was accused of racism in unearthed Instagram comments

Love Island stars whose pasts leaked online whilst in the villa

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2021 Islander Danny Bibby was accused of making “racist” remarks after an old comment he appeared to make on Instagram was uncovered. A post from 85 weeks before the show saw a user comment on Danny’s post of a picture of himself saying “Champ 👊🏻” to which Danny appeared to reply “My n****”.

The comment was quickly deleted, and ITV shared a comment with The Tab from Danny’s dad Richard in which he said his son does not have a racist bone in his body and apologised on his behalf for any offence caused.

He said: “Danny does not have a racist bone in his body and there were no racist intentions to this post. Although it was not done maliciously, it was a mistake. I absolutely apologise on his behalf for the offence this wording may have caused. That would never have been his intention.”

Lucinda was accused of still being with her ex-boyfriend

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Echoing what happened with Paul Knops, Lucinda was also accused of having someone waiting at home for her the entire time she was on the show, which she continuously denied.

For some context, when she entered the villa it was said her ex was Premiership footballer Aaron Connolly, and he was less than impressed she was going on the show. It was reported they broke up after he publicly cheated on her, but they had been in contact just before she left for Love Island, and they’d been seeing each other a little bit.

It’s was then reported they actually got back together before she came on the show, and he had been waiting at home for her and looking after her dog whilst she was away. According to the Sun, Aaron “considered Lucinda to be his girlfriend” whilst she was on the show, and even took Lucinda to the airport for her flight to Majorca.

She always said she was single whilst on the show, but following the season ending she did get back with Aaron for a bit. Scandalous, to say the least.

A video of Haris fighting was leaked to The Sun

The latest of all the Love Island cast members whose had their pasts leaked online is 2023’s Haris Namani. A video of him in a violent brawl after a night out has been leaked to The Sun, showing him punching someone else to the floor.

In the footage, the other fighter can be seen tumbling to the floor after a number of punches are exchanged. The video, originally posted to Snapchat, is said to be from May 2021, and was taken after a night out in Doncaster, south Yorkshire. You can hear someone in the background yell “go on Haris” as Haris shouts “I’m not a bully, I’m not a fucking bully”. As he stands over the other person, who is on the floor, Haris says “On my mum’s life…”

Following this, it was reported Haris had been dumped from the villa.

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