maura and chris split

Maura and Chris from Love Island have split up and I don’t think I can take it

I just wanted to believe in true love

Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor – possibly the cutest Love Island couple of them all – have called it quits. And frankly, with Maura and Chris split up, it’s hard to believe in true love any more.

Back in November, everybody went wild for their dramatic relationship reveal, and former Islanders and celebs lined up to pay their tributes.

But now Maura has revealed on Instagram that they’ve made “the joint decision to end our relationship”, adding there was no wrongdoing on either side.

Maura wrote: “It breaks my heart to even type this. But I wanted to let everyone know that myself and Chris have made the joint decision to end our relationship.

“There is no wrong doing on either side…we still love, care & respect eachother deeply. From the minute we met each other we’ve been very close friends and that will never change.

“There is no regret. Life is about taking chances. We wanted to make this work but we have realised we work better being friends.

“Whilst I appreciate people may speculate or create false stories. This is the truth.

“I wish Chris nothing but the best and I will always be one of his biggest supporters x”

“Thankyou for all the love and support”.

The relationship lasted six months, after the pair went public in November with a dramatic reveal. It followed months of speculation and hints – they kissed on TikTok and we just thought it was nothing! They posted matching Disney posts!

However, it hasn’t gone the distance, but despite the sad new of Maura and Chris splitting up, they both say they’ll remain friends.

In a post on his Instagram story, Chris wrote: “Hey guys. After some very heartfelt conversations over the past few days, myself & Maura are very sad to announce that we have decided to part ways.

“We are both still on very good terms and this was a mutual decision where nobody had done anything wrong. We will remains friends, as we have been since day 1 and I will always be in Maura’s corner and have her back.

“We are both going through a tough time with this at the moment, so please take any speculation with a metric tonne of salt, cos this is the only truth (and as always trolls can kindly fuck off).

“Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given us, it’s been truly appreciated.”

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