Former Islanders are going wild for the Maura and Chris news and it’s so wholesome

I actually needed this, just so happy for them

Maura and Chris from Love Island are together. It’s the best love story of 2020.

After simultaneously dropping the incredible reveal yesterday evening, it’s only been upwards for the pair. Maura’s post has broken the 800k like barrier, thanks to its amazing caption, and shows no sign of stopping.

Sure, there were signs that they were together this whole time, which we obviously missed. But that doesn’t stop this being the most wholesome news ever.

maura and chris love island

Naturally, Love Islanders, led by  Molly-Mae, have been going crazy over the news.

Whenever a new US president gets elected, there’s feverish media attention about which other world leaders they decide to call first. The transcripts of gushing phone tributes get put out, and people try to guess who’s in favour.

The same thing applies here – let’s try a bit of Love Island kremlinology as we see who’s put out the cutest tribute.

Molly-Mae celebrated the amazing Maura and Chris Love Island news by doing the absolute most

There was this incredibly cute tweet from Molly-Mae, but she didn’t stop there.

On her Insta story, Molly-Mae posted an arguably more adorable tribute: “I’m absolutely over the moon. Shed a little tear when I saw the pic go out. She’s my girl and she deserves every bit of happiness,” she wrote.

“Chris, I’m handing her over into your care now.”

maura and chris love island

And while Molly-Mae went mad, Tommy kept it more low-key, simply commenting “about time” on Maura’s Insta post.

Lucie Donlan played it cool, but cute in her reaction to the Maura and Chris Love Island news

Just a cute “so glad to see you smashing life, happy & also… loved up” Insta story from Lucie. Very Coleen Rooney.

She also commented “Finally. Love you guys” on Maura’s Insta post.

Joanna Chimonides was perhaps too subtle

Joanna did an Insta story wishing Maura happy birthday, but without mentioning the incredibly lit news.

maura and chris love island

However, that’s not to say she missed the news entirely, making up for it with a “YOUUUU TWOOOOOO” on Maura’s Insta post.

The comments from ex-Islanders on Chris and Maura’s Instagram posts are honestly the cutest thing, though

While only the true Maura and Chris loyalists broke up their grids and sponcon stories to pay tribute, down in the comments there was no such restraint.

Laura Anderson went with a “why am I crying #bestnewsever,” while Georgia Steel opted for a “yayayayaya it’s official”, suggesting the whole Love Island gang were in on it and just waiting for the moment it went public.

In a show of Irish solidarity, Greg O’Shea commented “this is what 2020 needed”, while Amber Gill simply wrote: “Omg cute”.

Plenty of Islanders doubled up on comments. “I’m worried this pic might actually break the internet for real,” wrote Danny Williams on Maura’s post. On Chris’, however, he went for the decidedly more blokey: “Feel like a proud dad who’s just watched his lad score a screamer for his footy team. Get in there son.”

It was the same for Michael Griffiths, who gushed “things you live to see” on Maura’s post, and on Chris’s said “www you guys it’s hard keeping secrets”.

Jordan Hames went for the adorable: “Kali officially has an Auntie in Law and I’m here for it”. Kendall wrote “the bestesttttt”, and Shaughna captured everyone’s feelings with a simple “you’ve just saved 2020”.

Proving she’s on the money, Love Island host Laura Whitmore wrote “KNEW it!!”

Non-Love Islanders lined up to pay their respects to the happy couple, proving they’re the world’s favourite couple

The news was an absolute hit in wider celeb-land, too. Everyone from pop stars to Loose Women chimed in with tributes. Honestly, everyone’s just incredibly happy for them.

John Barrowman went for: “Congratulations!! Couldn’t have happened to two nicer people. Jb”. It’s nice to see he signs off Insta comments like your dad signs off texts.

Gemma Collins gave the pair the GC seal of approval, with her congratulatory “I’m so happy for you”.

H from Steps, presumably playing out an in-joke in public (big no-no), told Maura: “YOU’RE MINE!!!”

Jacqueline Jossa simply said: “Thank fuck”.

Daytime TV queens also got in on the act. Trisha blessed the pair with an “aaaaah!” and Denise Welch let out a shocked “oh my goodness!!”

Isn’t that nice.

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