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All the evidence we missed that Maura and Chris were together before they announced it

They literally kissed on Instagram and we ignored it

Last night Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor announced they were a couple and it’s the plot twist we never knew we needed this year. They’re already my favourite Love Island couple and can never break up.

But how on earth did we not spot it before? Like seriously they kissed on TikTok and we brushed it off because they said they were “just” mates.

Since Maura’s breakup from Curtis in March, they’ve been dropping little clues and yet continually denied they were together. I’d be annoyed at them if they’re weren’t the cutest couple ever.

This is all the evidence we missed about Maura and Chris being together before they confirmed it was official:

Maura posted a couple looking picture all the way back in May

via Instagram @maurahiggins

IN MAY? Guys we should have seen this coming. In the middle of May, Maura posted a picture of the two of them all dressed up and very close together with Chris’ hand on her back.

However she captioned it telling her followers she and some of the other Love Island boys were doing a lockdown singing sesh.

Chris was spotted leaving Maura’s house

All the way back in June Chris was spotted leaving Maura’s house in the same clothes from the previous day and with a “spring his step”.

An onlooker said: “Chris looked bleary-eyed but he definitely had a spring in his step. He skipped to his car.”

However Maura’s rep denied they were romantically involved and said their relationship was “simply platonic.”

They did matching Disney posts

In mid June, Maura posted on Instagram in a Minnie Mouse dressing gown and captioned it: “just need to find a Mickey.”

And then Chris did a similar post five days later in a Mickey Mouse dressing gown and captioned it: “Just need to find a Minnie.” They were teasing us the whole time.

They did a TikTok about escaping the “friend zone”

@christaylorofficial@maurahiggins Music Creds: @beckyhillofficial♬ Heaven On My Mind – Becky Hill & Sigala

In mid August, Chris posted a video on TikTok of Maura getting on her knees in front of him and tying up her hair, only to grab the remote from under the sofa.

He captioned it: “When you THINK you’ve shawshanked the friend-zone @maurahiggins Ahhh…friend-zone, nice to see you again, how’s life? The kids well? Excellent. Yeeeeeeah, had better days actually mate. See you soon though yeah!? Lovely.”

Now I’m sorry but you don’t do those sorts of TikToks with your mates, and she was in her little pyjamas, surely that meant she had stayed the night?

They did an underwear AD together

Maura has had a long standing partnership with Ann Summers and for Halloween this year, her and Chris did a joint post together.

Chris was in a leotard and fishnets, whilst Maura looked so fit in a red bodysuit and thigh high boots. Chris doesn’t look particularly sexy and is clearly taking the piss, and maybe they did this to throw us off the scent.

But, surely you have to be pretty close to be doing joint partnerships and adverts, like in a relationship close?

They posted that “friendship” kiss TikTok challenge

Four days before they made the official announcement they were together, Chris posted a TikTok challenge on Instagram of him pretending to kiss Maura.

They are so physically close, Chris picks her up, has his hands all over her bum and Maura definitely leans in to kiss him.

That is not friendly behaviour and I’m honestly ashamed in all of us that we didn’t spot it sooner.

Featured image credit via Instagram @maurahiggins

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