Curtis says he feels ‘betrayed’ and ‘stabbed in the back’ by Chris and Maura

‘Some people need to really look at their own morals’

Curtis Pritchard has revealed he feels betrayed by Maura’s new relationship with fellow Love Islander Chris.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Curtis said: “I feel betrayed by them both —  two people I was very close to.

“When I saw the pictures, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel hurt. I was upset. How long has this truly been going on for?”

Curtis spoke to The Sun after Maura and Chris confirmed their relationship on Instagram last week.

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Maura and Curtis broke up in early March and at the time Curtis was accused of cheating on Maura. However in his interview Curtis said he was always “faithful to Maura.”

He said the rumours that came out about him cheating on Maura happened at the same time in which Maura was at a club with Chris and he was “pouring drinks into her mouth” and they “were staying together too at times like that.”

Curtis revealed Chris said he fancied Maura when they were back in the villa. Curtis said he “supported him [Chris] and backed him up” when he was upset on Love Island. Curtis also claimed Maura and Chris said they’d never be together and yet “here they are”.

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There were rumours of Maura and Curtis’ relationship not going well in January. Curtis said Maura only came to see him perform at pantomime once that Christmas.

However he insists that when Maura was performing on Dancing on Ice, he treated her like a “queen”.

He said: “When the show started on TV I wanted to come and watch her. I’d be waiting at home cooking dinner for when she finished, trying to look after her. I treated her like a queen.”

Maura apparently asked Curtis to not turn up to the live shows after the first few episodes but Curtis claimed that Chris was “going all the time”.

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When they originally broke up Maura claimed Curtis told her she was only getting jobs because of him. However Curtis denies he ever said that to her.

Curtis said it was difficult to deal with all the hate he received after their breakup and he stayed silent on the rumours because he didn’t want to reply to “nonsense”.

However he says now it has been “thrown back in my face, and that’s putting it mildly. It has all become clear to me.”

Curtis did say he would congratulate Maura and Chris if he saw them though.

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