Love Island Molly and Callum split reason

‘He was totally freaked out’: The rows that caused Love Island’s Molly and Callum to split

All the details about what happened between the couple are coming to light

Love Island exes Molly and Callum are now awkwardly having to live together in the All Stars villa. It’s anyone’s idea of hell, really. The couple split up over three years after getting together on the 2020 show, and both Molly and Callum have been talking to the new Islanders about the reason behind their breakup.

When they walked into the villa and saw each other there, Molly and Callum told their fellow All Stars Islanders they broke up after continuously “clashing” and having rows. Molly then said she felt Callum had been “disrespectful” towards her when their relationship was breaking down.

Speaking on new podcast Cracking On, The Sun has revealed more details about the exact rows that happened between the couple and has “exposed” the “secret” arguments.

“Basically with Molly coming up to her 30th birthday, things naturally started to feel more serious and she wanted to start looking at the next logical steps in their relationship,” a source close to Molly said.

“It’s not exactly demanding to have expected Callum to be on the same page given they lived together and owned two dogs. But the talk about next steps and getting engaged totally freaked him out and it was like something in his head just disconnected. He suddenly shut down and they began rowing non-stop.”

The source also shut down the theories Callum and Molly are still together, and faked a breakup to get onto All Stars together. They said: “Frankly neither Molly or Callum are anywhere near good enough actors to have pulled that off – it was a very real, very raw break up and she is still very hurt by it.

“Genuinely she had no idea he was going to be there and will have been properly gutted to walk in and him be there.”

At the time their breakup was announced, a source told The Sun it was because Molly had wanted to get engaged, but Callum hadn’t proposed. “It’s really sad as they were a sweet couple together but it’s over – and has been for a few weeks,” they said.

“They’re trying to stay friends – they were together for over three years – but it’s difficult. I think in the end, Molly wanted to get engaged and that didn’t happen. Everyone was really surprised when they split as they were perfectly matched. He’s now moved out of the home they shared and they’ve split custody of their two dogs.”

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