It’s over! All the Love Island 2023 couples who have already split, and what went down

It’s been a messy few months!


Love Island 2023 might have only finished this summer, but already the couples seem to have decided to split all over the place. Every day we’re met with new stories of arguments and breakups from the cast.

Within days of the show being over there have been couples saying they’re better of as friends, rumours of new romances between Islanders and even a cheating row – it’s been a whirlwind!

Here’s a full rundown of all the Love Island 2023 couples who have split so far, and what happened between them.

Catherine and Elom

How long they lasted: Two weeks

The Love Island 2023 couples who have already split and what happened

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Catherine and Elom were the first to breakup from this year’s series, with an insider telling The Sun they barely saw each other, but “kept up a pretence” whilst doing interviews.

They said: “The pair struggled to make it work in the real world and barely saw each other since the show ended. They kept up a bit of a pretence, while they did the podcast circuit, but everyone knew it was over before it even really started. Catherine’s sister made no secret about her feelings towards Elom so it’s no surprise she cooled things off straight away.”

In an interview, Catherine has since said their relationship “already had holes in it” and said “early on we decided that we were going to be friends.”

Leah and Montel

How long they lasted: Two weeks

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On the very same day it was reported Catherine and Elom had split, Leah and Montel also confirmed they were all over. The couple decided to be just friends, after Leah realised it wouldn’t work between them outside the villa.

Leah said: “Our time in the villa was absolutely incredible, but we’ve actually decided to just be friends. We get on really well and I do really like him, but I feel like for me it’s never enough. I’m obviously looking for someone long-term and shares the same values and morals as me.

“I know I’m someone who has very, very high standards, but I feel like there’s just certain things in people that I’m not able to overlook. I’m glad we built a really good connection while we were there and I know that we’re always going to be friends, but in terms of romantic; we’ve decided to end things.”

Speaking on the reunion show about what happened, Leah added “what happened at Casa Amor” was a big reason behind them breaking up, as it caused “quite an issue of trust”.

Kady and Ouzy

How long they lasted: Three weeks

The Love Island 2023 couples who have already split and what happened

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It’s been a messy time for Kady and Ouzy. They left the Love Island 2023 villa together, spent their first few days outside the villa slating people on podcasts and then announced their split.

Initially, Kady announced they’d broken up and said it was Ouzy’s “behaviour and actions” that caused the relationship to break down, with him confirming in a separate statement that he had apologised for the incident in question. It’s since been reported things turned sour after Kady found out Ouzy spent two nights in a hotel with a girl he’s known for over a year.

He’s reported to have been messaging the girl named Alicia before the show, and then met up with her in London. “Ouzy didn’t mention Kady once, so Alicia really did think it was over with her, it’s been a bit of a shock,” a source said. Ouzy then said the girl “set him up” but Alicia told The Tab that was “utter rubbish”.

Mitch and Ella B

How long they lasted: One month

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One month after the show, Mitch and Ella B announced they are no longer together. In a statement, Ella B said she “really wanted things to work out” with Mitch, and added: “I’m gutted that our journey has come to an end. I wish Mitch all the best and hope he finds his happiness. It’s time for both of us to start a new chapter.”

Mitch said they ended things because of how busy they both were, but people have speculated the split was actually down to an interview Abi did the week before, where she said Mitch had been flirting with her at events. 👀

Jess and Sammy

How long they lasted: Two months

All the Love Island 2023 couples who have split

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Jess and Sammy split up just two months after winning Love Island 2023. A source told MailOnline: “Jess and Sammy have called it quits. Things have changed since leaving the villa and Jess has realised they’re better off as friends.”

Then it got messy, as Sammy posted a statement saying he and Jess had a “private conversation regarding our relationship” but it was “left up in the air as Jess is still away and we haven’t had a chance to speak in person.” He went on to say that to see “via the media that we had officially broken up came as a complete shock.” Yikes!

Ella and Tyrique

How long they lasted: Four months

Love Island 2023 couples who have already split

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Tyrique and Ella split up four months after leaving the villa as girlfriend and boyfriend. A source said the couple had been over for “weeks” after splitting in secret. “Ella and Ty split in secret but got back together and it’s been like that for a few weeks now, they are very on and off,” they said.

“This is the first time Ty has been in a relationship and often Ella can feel let down… she expects a lot from him, and he hasn’t been delivering.” It was said the couple had struggled with distance, and busy schedules.

However, Ella and Tyrique have apparently got back together, after crisis talks to save their relationship? There’s been a lot of drama, and nobody is quite sure what’s happening.

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