Real reason Ella B and Mitch from Love Island 2023 have split up

People are saying the real reason Ella and Mitch broke up was him ‘flirting’ with Abi at events?!

The plot thickens!

Today it was announced Mitch and Ella B from Love Island 2023 have split. Straight away, people have pulled up an interview Abi did a few days ago where she spoke a lot about Mitch and their relationship, and have linked the two events. Tbf, it is very suspicious timing.

One month after the show ended, Ella B announced the breakup on Instagram posting a statement, with Mitch posting one on his too.

“Hi guys, just wanted to come on here and keep you all updated,” Ella B said. “You deserve to know as I wouldn’t be where I am without you. Unfortunately, myself and Mitch have decided to end our relationship. I really wanted things to work out and I’m gutted that our journey has come to an end. I wish Mitch all the best and hope he finds his happiness. It’s time for both of us to start a new chapter.”

Mitch said: “Morning everyone. As you have most likely seen Ella’s post sadly our relationship has come to an end. We had no intentions of ending, but with our busy lives at this moment and living the other side of the country made it extremely hard for it to work.”

But, this comes as Abi did an interview and said Ella B is “threatened” by her still, because of them previously cracking on in the villa. She said there was “still something there” between her and Mitch and said they “flirt at events”.

Abi said: “I do think there is still something there with Mitch – he’s still quite flirty, and very close and friendly with me, when I’ve seen him out at events. I think Ella B is a bit threatened by me saying that we had a better connection – but I’m not going to lie.”

Ummm, what?!

The Tab has approached Mitch’s management for comment. 

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