Adam Collard shares pictures from when he was younger and talks about his transformation

‘My defence mechanism is confidence, charisma and this f**k boy image’

Right now Love Island star Adam Collard is appearing on Celebs Go Dating, and during his time on the show has spoken about his transformation through life. He’s opened up about his dating life, as well as his childhood and how he got to where he is now.

In a recent episode, the dating experts tried to break down how Adam is in relationships, and wanted to see if how he treats women now has stemmed from his childhood or past relationships. He shared that he had a huge body transformation at school, and previously didn’t like the way he looked.

When asked about his life as a teenager, Adam said he was “a little bit overweight” in school and was “really quiet and a total mummy’s boy.” He said: “I didn’t really have that much confidence in the way I looked. I didn’t like it.”Expert Paul C Brunson then asked him if he felt like “the ugly duckling” to which Adam replied “yeah 100 per cent”.

Adam Collard body transformation

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“I had a bit of a rough ride in my teenage years,” Adam said. “Little bit overweight, wasn’t confident. I feel like it’s something that’s definitely affected me. I feel like my defence mechanism is this kind of confidence, charisma, kind of fuck boy image if I’m honest.”

Adam Collard body transformation

via E4

He said he was made fun of at school, which given his age “hits you”. He said it was at sixth form to uni age where he had a “massive body transformation” and turned into the Adam Collard we all see on TV today.

Adam said his body transformation also transformed his confidence levels. “Since then I just went crazy,” he said. Adam admitted it might not have “registered” that some women have previously formed an emotional attachment to him, when he hasn’t with them.

As well as being on Love Island and Celebs Go Dating, Adam works as a personal trainer. His Instagram is now filled with workout videos and him at the gym, plugging his business. He even admitted to going back on Love Island because he saw it as an opportunity to increase his gym business, and buy a second venue.

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