Adam Collard admits he went back on Love Island for money and ‘a second gym’

I mean, at least he’s being honest now


Adam Collard has straight up said the reason he went back on Love Island this year was for money and fame, and tbh, I have nothing but respect for his honesty. The personal trainer said one of his main priorities when he saw the opportunity to go back on the show come about was to get himself a second gym, which is so Adam Collard it actually hurts.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, he shared how he’s seen people like Molly-Mae become hugely successful from the show, and admitted he wanted a “piece of that” himself.

Adam joined the 2022 villa as the “ultimate OG bombshell” and coupled with Paige Thorne, who he left the villa with. The couple didn’t last long, splitting just a couple of months after the show. He said he’s grateful for meeting Paige, but pretty much brushed her aside in the video, saying love wasn’t the reason he decided to go on the show again.

Adam Collard admits reason he went back into the Love Island villa

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Speaking of his reason to go back into the Love Island villa, before he and Paige had split, Adam Collard said Islanders are aware of what going on the show really means for their careers and they know they’re getting followers and opportunities afterwards. “Right, I am just going to clear this up right now,” he said. “Paige is amazing and we are flying right now but everyone who goes on Love Island – it’s series eight now – people know what is coming off the back of it.

“You are getting a few followers, if you have a business like me it’s going to help amplify that and that put you in a better situation and there’s going to be loads of really good opportunities afterwards. So yes, everyone comes on and says I am here to find love and that, yes you kind of are and obviously that is unreal but nobody is daft.”

He went on to say he has seen Molly-Mae’s huge success off the back of the show, and admitted this was a huge reason behind him agreeing to return, as he believed the show could leave him “set up for life”. He added: “Everyone has seen Molly-Mae absolutely smash the hell out of life and to be fair she has smashed the hell out of her relationship as well but even if you can get a little piece of that, if you have been in the villa for long enough, you know you are going to be pretty set up for life.”

Speaking on the Paul Mort Talks Sh*t podcast, he added that a further incentive for going back on the show was to extend his gym business. “What made you go back on Love Island?” Paul asked, and Adam replied: “Err, second gym.”

“I’m not gonna lie, they [Love Island] rang us up with two weeks notice,” Adam explained. “I’d came out of a relationship about two and a half months before. I was in Greece for a fitness retreat, had no idea I was going on.”

He continued: “Then they rang me and contacted me thinking they had this crazy idea and I thought right, it’s a recharge, it’s a refresh on social media and I haven’t really got anything to lose because the gym’s got so many staff and it runs itself, why don’t I just go for it?”

I mean, fair enough.

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