Before and after: Laura Anderson’s pretty dramatic transformation over the years

Even now she looks very different to when she was in the Love Island villa

Before Love Island 2018 we didn’t know who Laura Anderson was, but now after four years she’s back on our screens trying to find love again, this time on Celebs Go Dating.

Laura has changed a lot since the ITV2 show – she’s 33 now, has been on other TV shows and has recently split up with long term boyfriend, Dane Bowers. Previously, she’s said she’s had some cosmetic surgery done, but has mostly denied rumours of procedures people have commented saying she’s had.

So, here’s a deep dive into all the pictures of Laura Anderson before and after reality TV fame, which show her transformation over the years.

When Laura Anderson entered the Love Island villa, old pictures of her before emerged online

Before and after pictures of Laura Anderson from Love Island

via Instagram @lauraanderson1x

When Laura appeared on Love Island in 2018, Islanders weren’t as good as they are now at cleaning up their social media profiles. Laura still had loads of throwbacks on her Instagram page from before she had cosmetic surgery and was famous, and people began sharing and posting them again.

She’s previously said she’s had a boob job which was over 10-years ago, and it’s been reported she’s also had botox and fillers. Whilst on Love Island, Laura was a brighter blonde, and old pictures showed her with brunette hair, sporting some classic makeup trends. Laura has previously denied she’s had work done, and claimed her “puffy” face is because of a facial peel.

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After finding fame on Love Island, Laura Anderson has had a pretty dramatic transformation

Since being on Love Island, Laura has changed her look loads of times. Now appearing on Celebs Go Dating, she looks loads different to when we saw her in the villa.

Before and after pictures of Laura Anderson from Love Island

via Instagram @lauranderson1x

After leaving Love Island, Laura said she had a breast reduction, saying she regretted the original procedure which had caused her pain. “Here’s what they don’t tell you, every surgery has repercussions years down the line so this quick fix mentality which we all suffer from, from time to time, will most definitely come back to bite you in the ass,” she said on Instagram.

“It’s not like buying a pair of jeans that don’t fit so you just take them back. There’s no refunds when it comes to interfering with our bodies. Being completely honest, after seeing myself on TV I realised that my chest looked way too big for my frame and after many shooting pains in my left boob I knew it was time for a change.”

Before and after pictures of Laura Anderson from Love Island

via Instagram @lauraanderson1x

She’s also previously spoken about becoming “obsessed” with face editing apps, like FaceApp, saying she has used it in the past on her photos. She said she used the app to change her hair, to make it appear less flat.

Laura has changed her hair from blonde to brunette a few times, and right now it’s a dark, ashy blonde with hints of brown.

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