Take this quiz and we’ll accurately say which Skins generation you would have been in

We know you just want to be mates with Cook

Watching Skins in 2021 is a sobering experience. You realise that the time for you to be as cool, liberated, and complicated as the fictional sets of teenagers has passed. All you have for solace is that, unless you get seriously into war crimes, you’ll never be as reviled as the show’s third generation.

Reinvention was the name of the game for Skins. While the partying remained a constant, its characters kept growing up, forcing the writers to introduce a new generation of wayward teens every other series. Tony, Sid, and Cassie sort of worked things out, and then bang – they’re off to the real world and we have to get used to Cook, Freddy, and Effy.

Each generation had its quirks. The slightly crusty but undeniably relatable generation one from the first two series were replaced by the enviably fun generation two from series three and four, who in turn made way for the slightly weird generation three from the final two series. There were bits of all three generations to relate to. But say you could only belong to one. Which one would it be? Take our quiz and find out.


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