These are the most successful actors to come out of Skins

Anwar went on to win an Oscar

Believe it or not Skins, the grimy teen drama that everyone desperately yearned to be a part of, launched over 10 years ago in the UK. Legions of teenagers grew up obsessed with it, desperately trying to recreate their iconic parties in their parents’ living room.

Since then, the actors have been getting up to lots. Between the six of the most successful profiled here, they’re worth over £40m and include two Oscar nominees, an X-Men superhero, a YA dystopia star, and two Game of Thrones actors.

Who knew that a series about grungy British teenagers and their parties could produce such a well of talent? This is what the most successful Skins cast members have been up to since leaving the show:

Daniel Kaluuya – Posh Kenneth

Age: 32

Although Kayuula only had a small role in the first series, a little known fact is that he was one of the show’s writers.

Since then his fame has skyrocketed, appearing in Doctor Who, Black Mirror, Johnny English Reborn and Kick-Ass 2. In 2018 he entered the Marvel world, playing King T’Challa’s friend W’kabi.

He also starred in Get Out, in which he was nominated for an Oscar, and Judas and the Black Messiah where he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He’s estimated to be worth an incredible £15 million.

Dev Patel – Anwar Kharral

Age: 31

Dev launched to superstar status after his role in Slumdog Millionaire, where he plays the main character Jamal.

After this he starred in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, along with the sequel a few years later.

Dev has won a Bafta for his role in the drama Lion, and was nominated for Oscar and a Golden Globe. It is estimated he is now worth over £10 million.

Nicholas Hoult – Tony Stonem

Age: 31

From About a Boy, to Skins, to Mad Max, Nicholas certainly has range.

After Skins, Nicholas landed the role of The Beast in the X-Men films, and then went on to play JD Salinger in Rebel in the Rye.

He will also star as JRR Tolkien in an upcoming biopic. Worth an estimated £8 million, he also briefly dated Jennifer Lawrence. Life could defo be worse x

Jack O’Connell – Cook

Age: 30

Cook was like Marmite. You either loved him or hated him. Since his Skins days he’s had lots of success, starring in Angelina Jolie’s film Unbroken, as well as sharing the screen with Julia Roberts and George Clooney in Money Monster.

In 2017 he performed Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the National Theatre alongside Sienna Miller, and has an estimated net worth of £2 million. Turns out everyone does love a bad boy.

Kaya Scodelario – Effy Stonem

Credit: @kayascods

Age: 29

Worshipped by teenage girls for a whole generation, Kaya’s entire look as Effy has been copied for years. Young TikTokers especially have recently come to adore Effy and her eyeliner, endlessly recreating her iconic noughties fashion in viral videos.

Worth an estimated £1 million, Scodelario has starred in Wuthering Heights, The Maze Runner, and Pirates of the Caribbean. In 2019 she had a part in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, the 2019 crime drama about the life of Ted Bundy. She also has a whopping 2.7m instagram followers.

Joe Dempsie – Chris

Age: 33

Known for his awful hats, Chris was the tragic party boy of season one. Despite this, readers seemed to love him, voting him the greatest Skins character of all time.

Dempsie went on to join Game of Thrones, playing Gendry in Season 7. He’s also featured in This Is England ’86 and ’90, The Fades, Murder: Joint Enterprise and Southcliffe, and has a net worth of around £1 million.

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