QUIZ: Would you end up with Cook or Freddie from Skins?

The ULTIMATE decision

There’s not a day goes by that we don’t lament the loss of our sweet Skins. Yeah it’s on Netflix, there to binge and mourn and adore – but realistically, there’s only three good series at most and we don’t even count generation three (yeugh). Season three, however, that’s a whole other ball park. For most people reading this, it will be the generation they first watched, even if they were too young to officially be watching it. They fell in love with Naomi and Emily’s off again, on again love story, Effy’s ridiculous eye makeup (how is that smoky eye so good?) and whatever it was that Pandora was there for.

But the real thing that kept you hooked was the boys. Skins boys are grimey at best because they’re Bristol by nature, and we ate that shit up. Tony, Sid, Maxxie, Thomas. The creme de la creme, though? Cook and Freddie. Every person is undoubtedly more emotionally aligned to one of these two boys. You like ’em loyal and soft but a bit edgy and calm? Freddie’s your man. Slightly unhinged, unwashed and exclusively dressed in Lyle and Scott? James Cook is for you. Look, you know where this is going. Take the quiz.

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