Angelica Bowden Jones

Angelica Bowden Jones
Exeter University


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Exeter law student died after being told to take a break from studies, inquest finds

Anas Tarabain died in Exeter halls after it was decided he’d take a break from studying to concentrate on his health

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Featuring rugby, football, snowsports, lacrosse, surf and shooting (and their bums)

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‘Keep your beliefs away from my body’: Students at the Exeter Sit Down n Shut Up protest

The peaceful protest was against Exeter Guild’s affiliation to ‘Exeter Students for Life’ society

‘This doesn’t promote women feeling safe on campus’: Students react to Exeter pro-life society

Over 6,000 people have signed a petition to oppose the society

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Hop on the Croc train for a one way ticket to coolsville

People on TikTok are using sandpaper to shave their legs, and a doctor’s warned against it

Think I’ll stick to razors thanks

We spoke to people at Exeter’s vigil against sexual abuse

‘There was not just sadness, but anger and frustration at the impact sexual violence has on every woman’s life’

Hundreds attend sexual harassment vigil on Exeter Cathedral Green

‘We are not free until all of us are free’

The top 10 best sunset spots in Exeter, to help you up your Insta game

Warning: Sexy sunset pics ahead

The seven types of Exeter boys you’ll find on Tinder

Lockdown has been hard on all of us

‘The postman’s quite sexy’: 12 things you’ll overhear isolating in an all-girls house

There’s a lot of talk about Tinder…

Every disaster you’ll experience as a fresher living in Birks Grange Village

And no, cardiac hill isn’t one of them