Let’s settle this once and for all: Who was the biggest fuckboy in Skins?

Well it’s not gonna be JJ, is it?

Much has been written about how unrealistic Skins actually was, even though everyone was obsessed with it. Yet, one thing that remains shockingly real, is just how much fuckboy behaviour was on display.

We've rounded up and reviewed all of the fuckboys from the first four series (the only ones worth watching), but it's up to you to decide who was the biggest fuckboy of all.


As close as Skins comes to the Platonic form of a fuckboy, the mould that all other fuckboys are cast from, the fuckboy that all other fuckboys are mere imitations of.

It’s not just Tony’s sexual antics that cement his legacy. It’s his complete disregard for the idea that people are anything more than his playthings, amoebas in his fuckboy petri dish. If you sleep draped in a picture of two naked people, chances are, you’re a fuckboy.


Emily having pity-sex with JJ broke all of our hearts, and him being the biggest sweetheart of the whole series means that he personally scores zero on our fuckboy scale.


Deep down Chris isn’t such a fuckboy – he’s got a heart of gold. Him and Jal were made to be with one another. But Chris was still enough of a fuckboy to be drawn to fuck his teacher, wasn't he?


Freddie cares for Effy enough to literally get beaten to death to protect her, but nobody’s perfect in Skins. His relationship with Emily sparks up a war of jealousy that ends up with Effy getting her head bashed in.

Oh, and he sleeps with Cook’s mum.


Poor Thomas, everyone felt sorry for him when Pandora slept with Cook, while he was deported back to the Congo. But the pity disappeared when he went and slept with his pastor's daughter when he flew back to Bristol.


Maxxie has a few sexual relationships. He is flirty and seductive but he doesn’t monumentally fuck anyone over like everyone else in his friendship group. Tony cheats on Michelle with Maxxie but tbh it was completely one sided, so we don’t think he was in the wrong.


Early on, Sid shows all the signs. He promises Tony that he’ll lose his virginity by his seventeenth birthday, yet it quickly becomes apparent that he’s a bit of a loser. Sid’s never on the front foot for long enough for you to realise that he’s a fuckboy at heart.

He may not sleep with loads of girls, but emotionally he’s lost. When pining for Michelle turns out to be completely unsuccessful, he switches to Cassie, only for her to fuck off to New York.


He loses his virginity to a married girl named Anka on the school trip to Russia and sleeps with Sketch who was Maxxie’s stalker. So not really a fuckboy, maybe just a bit desperate.


We never see the full extent of Cook's fuckboy antics, but unlike the tattoo on his arse, much is left to our imagination. He doesn't actually sleep with that many of the cast and Pandora is the only person who breaks obsession with Effy. Having sex with Pandora was a bit rogue and it seems like he only does it because he can, it was a window to his true fuckboy potential.