It’s official: These are the 16 best cities in the UK to be a student

Coventry is…fifth?

London has been crowned the best city in the UK to be a student, according to new rankings by QS.

It’s a list which should finally settle debates: Edinburgh is better than Glasgow, Manchester and Bristol are better than Leeds, Birmingham is better than Nottingham, and they’re all better than Sheffield.

However, the fact that Coventry has come fifth makes you wonder whether the people who made the list need a bit of a cuddle. It’s placed above Bristol, Nottingham, and Leeds.

The rankings are based on a number of factors: how good the city’s unis are, how nice the city is to live in, how affordable the city is, how diverse the student population is, and how highly employers regard the city’s universities.

Ranking of the 16 best UK cities to be a student:

1. London
2. Edinburgh
3. Glasgow
4. Manchester
5. Coventry
6. Newcastle upon Tyne
7. Birmingham
8. Bristol
9. Nottingham
11. Leeds
12. Sheffield
13. Liverpool
14. Aberdeen
15. Brighton
16. Leicester

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