If you studied these degree subjects, you’re the most likely to earn £50k out of uni

I’m sorry but we can’t do a ranking of how unhappy you’ll be in your spreadsheet-bound grad job

The economy is a mess, and it’s likely to continue being a mess for young people. Going to uni is no longer the bank account viagra it once was, and with a mountain of debt behind grads, it’s only fair to keep an eye on your potential post-uni earnings.

That is to say: you’ll want to know which degree is most likely to bag you a £50k-plus job.

Data boffins at HESA have tracked the earnings of 2019 grads. While it will shock nobody to find art and design grads at the bottom of the pile, languages grads are also languishing. Meanwhile, it’s the usual suspects at the top of the list. It’s probably too late to transfer to a medicine degree, but perhaps a last-minute switch to business studies might find you well-compensated.

This is the list of degree subjects, ranked by the percentage of grads earning £51,000 or more after uni.

1. Medicine & dentistry: 11.26 per cent
2. Business & administrative studies: 8.99 per cent
3. Combined: 6.30 per cent
4. Computer science: 5.97 per cent
5. Law: 5.25 per cent
6. Engineering & technology: 5.17 per cent
7. Architecture, building & planning: 4.87 per cent
8. Mathematical sciences: 3.90 per cent
9. Education: 3.59 per cent
10. Social studies: 3.44 per cent
11. Veterinary science: 2.78 per cent
12. Subjects allied to medicine: 2.73 per cent
13. Physical sciences: 1.72 per cent
14. Historical & philosophical studies: 1.72 per cent
15. Biological sciences: 1.66 per cent
16. Languages: 1.39 per cent
17. Agriculture & related subjects: 1.13 per cent
18. Creative arts & design: 0.95 per cent
19. Mass communications & documentation: 0.81 per cent

Data: HESA Graduate Outcome Statistics 2018/19

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