These are the 25 most well-endowed universities in the country

We are talking about money here, you gutter-minded fool

Oh, to be well-endowed. Seriously – the freedom it’d lend a university, the financial security.

We’re talking about, of course, the money and assets donated to a uni. In some years, unis manage to increase what they’re packing by tens of millions.

Oxford and Cambridge were unsurprisingly top of the list for endowment and donation income in 2019-20. Oxford brought in over £100 million in endowment income. Cambridge could only manage £85 million, according to stats from HESA.

These were the 25 most well-endowed unis in 2020:

1. The University of Oxford: £164,804,000
2. The University of Cambridge: £85,448,000
3. London School of Economics and Political Science: £58,469,000
4. Regents Theological College: £48,269,000
5. The University of Edinburgh: £37,821,000
6. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine: £28,264,000
7. University College London: £26,576,000
8. London Business School: £19,065,000
9. King’s College London: £16,835,000
10. The Prince’s Foundation: £15,155,000
11. The Institute of Ismaili Studies: £15,107,000
12. Courtauld Institute of Art: £14,193,000
13. Richmond, The American International University in London: £12,617,000
14. The University of Glasgow: £12,206,000
15. The Institute of Cancer Research: £10,817,000
16. The University of Manchester: £10,742,000
17. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: £9,892,000
18. Cranfield University: £8,828,000
19. Royal College of Art: £8,762,000
20. Newcastle University: £8,157,000
21. University of Durham: £7,849,000
22. Royal Academy of Music: £7,355,000
23. The University of Birmingham: £6,814,000
24. The University of East Anglia: £6,684,000
25. University of Nottingham: £5,701,000

Data: HESA data on endowment and donation income, 2019-20

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